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RE: Questions for general contractors? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: bostonpam on 06.20.2009 at 02:07 pm in Kitchens Forum

I put together 2 sheets - one I used as a guideline when interviewing contractors and another when interviewing their references. I didn't necessarily asked them every question. I can email you the finished sheets.

Phone number:
After hours No.
Registered in MA?
Referred by:
How many years of experience?
How long in business?

How much experience with historical homes?
What is your specialty?
What sets you apart from the rest?

Tell them about my job: Converting 1820’s house back to single
Items contractor may do or my subs:
Items we may do:

How many renovations have you completed?
How many completed similar projects?
How many kitchen designs have you completed?

What do you see as the important issues?

Type of work licensed to do:
Where are licenses held?
call the local building department to validate the number. Also, call the State Consumer Protection Agency to find out if the contractor had to prove financial stability, pass an exam, or just pay a fee for the license Check with your local building department or consumer protection agency to find out about licensing requirements in your area.
Is the company bonded and with who?
Can I have a banking and/or financial reference? Check financial stability. If the contractor is unable to pay for materials, labor, and overhead costs, the job could go unfinished.

What insurance coverage do you have? At a minimum, contractors should have
Workman's Compensation: Name of Co. and phone number
general liability (including property and personal liability), Amount, Name of Co. and phone number:
automobile insurance Name of Co. and phone number:
Call the insurance agency to confirm effective dates of the insurance policies.

What professional/trade organizations are you are a member of? Check membership standing in the organization provided.

Have you taken any classes or attended any trade seminars in the past 2 years?

Do you have any projects under litigation or complaints filed against you?
Any judgments against the company?

How do you handle this type of job?
Who will be assigned as a project supervisor for the job?
Will they be there every day?

Do you have employees or do you use subcontractors? Will you be using subcontractors on this project? If yes, ask to meet them, and make sure they have current insurance coverage and licenses, if required. Also ask them if they were paid on time by this contractor

How interested are you in this project?
Are you available and have capacity?
When can you start?

How long do you expect to complete this project?

Based on the project detail, what permits may be required?

May I have an itemized estimate on the project that includes materials, labor, overhead, and a time frame? The estimate should be in writing in order to compare it with the estimates you receive from the other two contractors.

What is your experience/track record with cost estimating or quotes?

Questionaire for references:

Phone number:
What is your experience/track record with cost estimating or quotes?

• How did you find out about this contractor?
• How long ago did this contractor work for you?
• What was the quality of the finished project?
• Did the contractor recommend a contract, including a written estimate? If not, did you request a contract? Did the contractor balk at the idea?
• Did the project go over the original estimate? If so, by how much? What changes from the original project did you request? Did the contractor provide an acceptable detailed explanation?
• Did the contractor use a written change order form before making changes to the original estimate?
• Did the contractor stay on schedule and report to work in a timely manner?
• Did the contractor have a good attitude throughout the project?
• Did anything unusual or unsettling happen during the course of the project?
• How qualified were the workers and subcontractors?
• Did the contractor stay on-site to supervise during the project?
• How accessible was the contractor?
• Was the site clean and safe at all times?
• Would you recommend this contractor to your family and friends?
• Would you use this contractor again?


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RE: Help me find this tile! Reward offered!!! (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: kitchenredo2 on 09.18.2008 at 05:39 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Brad - I have to admit I also have fallen in love with this tile.......

It is made by Akdo. It is a 3x6 glass tile and the color is Caspian Blue Light (Clear) Part #: GL1409-0306C0.

If you go to the link below you will see the photo from Pottery Barn.

Happy tiling!

Here is a link that might be useful: Akdo Caspian Blue Light (Clear) Tile


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My finished 'glamour vintage' bathroom

posted by: mrslimestone on 02.09.2008 at 06:22 pm in Bathrooms Forum

My master bathroom is finally finished. I nearing the end of a long gut renovation and I wanted to share the sole completed room in the entire house! Size is approx 10x5ft in a 100 year old home.

Sorry about the lighting in these photos. I need to add bulbs in the sconces.

Floor tiles: Marble basketweave with ming dot accents
Wall tiles: The no name subway tile that was in stock at tile shop finished with victorian cap
Vanity, Medcine Cabinets, Lights, Shelves, Faucet, Towel Bar: Restoration Hardware
Toilet: Toto Promenade
Wall Color: Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore
Shower: Sign of the Crab exposed with handheld

Im planning on adding some fluffy towels, a potted orchid, some photographs on the far wall and teak bench to finish it off. Any other suggestions appreciated.

Just wanted to thank everyone on this board for being such a great resource. I come here with questions and always leave with an answer from a simple search or posted question.

More photos:


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