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bean counter, speaking of brick condos (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: aliska12000 on 08.14.2006 at 10:49 am in Photography Forum

Here is the one I made a spoofy thing out of, can't find the photo I worked from, probably on old hd, this is the one they tore down, I do have a 4X6 print of the original. Maybe to some it is ugly, but I saw some potential in it with those bay windows facing south, no getting inside that one, but I was curious about the interior layout and floor plan of the apartments.

Now I'll post two more smaller photos and try to wind this one down because I've yakked enough. This was about one block from the octagon house on the same side of the street, right across from when my gr grandfather lived in 1903.

Now this next one I toyed with the idea of buying, they were asking $90,000 back in the middle 80's, but knew it would be too much for me to get the right workers to maintain, poor people live there now. It was built at the turn of the century for doctors' offices.

Inside it was amazing. Four bedrooms upstairs, built-in corner cupboards in dr, spacious kitchens, little fireplaces with unusual tile (no renters allowed to use fireplaces around here because you can't insure the properties if you don't block them off), transom windows over interior doors, attics, those are some of the details I remember, little extras that cost so much to have custom done now. Maybe it looks too gothic spooky, but I think condos like this well landscaped would be a lot nicer than some of the stuff they are putting up now. Real plaster walls, of course, that if the holes aren't too big, are very easy to patch, so is drywall if you know how to cut it, mud and sand it right, I guess.

Oddly, I was w/granddaughter looking for an apartment and met the current owner. He owns both properties. She is renting a newer brick duplex just behind this old building, doesn't like the trashy look from the back, don't blame her. They still haven't fixed up this place on the exterior like it could be. Why should they for low-income renters? They were renting for about $425 but are now up to about $800, government subsidizes poor people for some I think.


I just got a new camera, and I want to learn how to create ghosts, like above.
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