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RE: Foot Pedal for Trash OR Tapmaster? (Follow-Up #19)

posted by: buehl on 08.23.2008 at 02:17 pm in Kitchens Forum

As far as I know Jbrazmania, no one has managed to figure out a way to use it with inset doors...framed, yes, but inset...not yet anyway!

For those interested, the Hfele foot pedals are designed for frameless cabinets. However, our own MeToo2 figured out a way to use them w/framed cabinets. See below for MeToo2's instructions and links to pictures in the Gallery:


From the "Pull Out Trash" thread started by ColdTropics on Fri, Jul 20, 07 at 2:43

Posted by metoo2 (My Page) on Wed, Aug 15, 07 at 19:27

Front View when cabinet is shut:
Hafele Foot Pedal Door Opener view when door is shut. Face frame cabinets-full overlay.

View of foot pedal when cabinet is open. Keep in mind this view will be hidden when trash cans are in the cabinet:
Hafele foot pedal door opener. Portion of the foot pedal attached to face frame bottom.

Metal plate mounted on bottom back of door. This is the plate that is 3.5" tall--to deal with a face framed cabinet:
Hafele foot pedal door opener. This is the metal plate that must be mounted on the inside bottom of the door. I had to make a plate 3.5" tall in order to work with a face frame cabinet.

Finally, looking at the bottom of the cabinet. Glued a scrap of wood to the back of the face frame.
Hafele foot pedal door opener. View from the front bottom of the cabinet. Note that I glued a scrap piece of wood to the back of the face frame to reinforce the installation.

Posted by metoo2 (My Page) on Wed, Aug 15, 07 at 20:01

muscat: The rails are always attached to the door-regardless of whether your trash cans hang from a rail, or your trash cans sit on a base. In your picture, the cans sit on a base.

I believe that my modifications will also work with your situation (cans sitting on a base). However, you will need to make one minor modification that I did not do. That modification has to do with the elastic cords that come with the pedal.

Elastic cords (ie, bungee cords) pull the door open when the pedal is kicked. You would have to alter where the front of the cords are mounted inside the cabinet. Very easy to do.

Earlier posts on this thread refer to a version of the Hafele pedal for trash cans which sit on a base. I have not seen this product. I suspect they use the identical pedal, but altered the instructions relative to the location where to mount the elastic cords.


Hafele foot pedal (502.15.220) for bins hanging from rails (see bottom of page):

Hafele foot pedal (502.15.113) for bins sitting in pullout "drawer/shelf" (see bottom of page):

Note: As of today and as far as I know, Hafele is the only manufacturer of foot pedals for trash pullouts. BTW...These Hafele pedals can be found at other sites than the links above.


Foot Pedal for Trash Bin
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