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Who Likes 1940's Tile, Anyway?

posted by: ntl1991 on 05.09.2011 at 11:47 pm in Remodeling Forum

I'm sure *someone* was crying when they saw the dumpster full of it... But I know I wasn't... It had it's place (in all three kitchens and baths) in my circa-1948 Colonial-Style 3-family home for more than 60 years... The time had come to update and stay current in the eyes of tenants. Yes, the tile reinforced the character of my charming house, but it has more than enough character to make up for gutting the kitchens and baths... I mainly rent to younger (mid to late 20's) professionals who like the modern flare of the new bathrooms.

The kitchens are another story. The wall cabinets were mounted so low that a normal microwave wouldn't fit under the cabinets... The charming all-wood drawers would cover your utensils with sawdust...

Diving up all of the costs of gutting 3 kitchens and baths, it came to about $3,000 for each room. And I think it was well worth the time and cost.

My only regrets are that I wish I was a bit more careful when removing the window and door casings... I had to install new casings that don't quite match the rest of the house. Especially since the new casings have corner blocks. My other regret is that I didn't sort through tons of boxes of marble tile to color match for each bathroom. As you can see in the picture of the 1st floor bath, some of the marble has a grey tint, and some has a slight brown tint. Oh well... You live and learn.

Any thoughts on the topics of style, character, and rental property, and how to find a happy medium? I'd love to hear some input on the matter, and the thoughts of others.


Beautiful tile and lines in before bathroom, possible ideas for our 50s bath?
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RE: The WORST Living Room - Help! (pics) (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: anele on 03.01.2012 at 01:10 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

I have a similar room. The people here helped me fix it! I do not have the heat baseboards. Those seem a little tricky to work around. Can you put furniture against them or is that a fire hazard?

I have my loveseat by the window. The wall across from it has bookcases, with the TV in the middle. On one side is a fake (electric) fireplace. On either side of the FP are chairs. Across from the FP/chairs is the sofa. Behind the sofa is a path from the front door. People can "enter" on either side of the sofa.

I have enough seating for 7. My sofas are from Ikea-- cheap. I hated them when I first got them re: comfort, but within a month they were great. They are not ultra-cushy, but they are supportive and relaxing. I would take more naps in them if I could. :)

The white slipcovers can be washed. The colored slips are more expensive. I am planning on dyeing the chair slips when I have time . . .maybe this summer.

The room is not done-- I am getting curtains, working on artwork (I just threw some pics I had up for the photo on hooks already there, which is why they are wrong), lighting, pillows, etc., but this gives you a layout idea:

(Sofa and loveseat are reversed since I took this pic, and the coffee table is also moved)



similar room to Mom & Dad's LR, if you closed the doorway from the LR to kitchen
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