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Finished Small Creamy White and Soapstone Kitchen for FKB

posted by: mary_in_nc on 07.21.2008 at 10:39 am in Kitchens Forum



Cabinets Medallion Santa Cruz inset with Divinity finish
Countertop Green Mountain Original P.A. Soapstone
Butcherblock Custome made Endgrain in cherry with walnut trim
Backsplash Subway Ceramics subway tile in glossy white. Outlet covers came from them as well.
Hardware Oil Rub Bronze
Cup pulls- Deltana Elongated Cup Pulls from
Knobs Restoration Hardware
Range Wolf 30" Duel Fuel
Refrigerator Liebherr 30" counter depth
Microwave Sharp 24" Drawer Microwave
Dishwasher Miele Optima
Disposal Insinkerator Evolutoin Compact
Vent Sirius 30in
Sink 30" Rohl Shaws Farm Sink
Prep sink Rohl Allia prep sink
Faucets Perrin and Rowe
Under Cabinet Lighting Kichler Xenon
Pendants Don't know! Came with house. Similar pendants at
Paint Walls- Sherwin Williams Rice Grain in eggshell, Trim- Sherwin Williams Alabaster in gloss
Ceiling Height 9 feet
Space Roughly 11 x 15

Here is a link that might be useful: Creamy White and Soapstone Kitchen


cabinets/not cabinet maker
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Need critique for my kitchen design.

posted by: jmm76 on 02.09.2010 at 12:55 am in Kitchens Forum

I am in the process of bidding out a kitchen for the fixer-upper townhouse we just bought and I would appreciate people's views on what we should do.

The kitchen is currently in pretty bad shape with fake plastic wood, vinyl floors and a giant hole where the built in microwave used to be. Also, because our townhouse was built in the mid-1970's, the kitchen is fully enclosed. We'd like to open it up and remove the load bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room. We can't expand into the dining room though- we don't have much space there either!

Because my kitchen is very small, we are working within a very tight space constraint. We are also trying to keep the cost down. (We considered Ikea cabinets but the wife is absolutely dead set against them).

Among the other concerns:
1. We have both limited cabinet space and limited counterspace. We need to figure out whether to keep the pantry in this design for the cabinet space or add 2 1/2 feet of extra counter space- which we sorely need. I admit I am running toward the idea of a pantry, although it will make the small kitchen seem smaller. We will get 6ft extra counter space on the peninsula.

2. Should we keep the fridge where it is, or flip it to the side next to the dining room? The benefit of flipping the fridge next to the dining room is that it would not be obstructed by the door to the kitchen. Also, it would allow us to save approximately $1000 on a refrigerator as we would not require an expensive counter depth french door model costing $2500 to clear the 4 inch step between our front hall and kitchen. We could go with a much cheaper side by side counter depth costing $1500. The down side is that we would be forced to have more plumbing done to run an icemaker water line to the refrigerator.

3. Because our fixer upper townhouse is worth a lot of money in Silicon Valley, we think should we ever need to sell the place we need some visual 'pop.' After all, these places, although small, sell for fantastically high prices. I think in our market we need some visual 'pop' which is why I asked the designer to put in a stainless steel chimney hood. We are plumbed for a real exhaust, although it is not currently in use. The second designer we had come in told us that we absolutely should put cabinets above the range and just get a vented range hood that runs through the cabinet. I'm wrestling with this issue.

4. We have decided to go with a maple shaker look cabinet. We're still trying to identify the cabinet maker. We were quoted $11k for some mid-line Merillat cabinets and I am not very happy with that. Note that the 11k includes veneer fronts on the square insert inside the stiles and mediocre hardware- while it is full extension, we are offered Blum at $60 a drawer extra.

5. We're still trying to decide what color our tile floor and countertops should be. I am definitely not the person to pick. However, I would like to keep it light and preferably speckled. My mother has speckled grey granite and crumbs just look like another speckle. Our other basic criteria is that it should be the lowest cost granite available.

6. We'd welcome some suggestions about ways to cut costs on tile backsplash (currently thinking either subway tile or 12" tile on the diagonal) , whether there is something cool we can do with the tile floor, and which appliances we should be looking for (currently looking for scratch and dent or closeouts at the appliance outlet).

I have been quoted on two designs so far by two different designers. One, from a higher end kitchen designer, was a bit out of our league and came in at $43k not including permit, appliances, sink, or hood. He also didn't include the floor due to a misunderstanding. I figure we probably would habe been in the 53k+ range with all of that. It seems like a lot for such a small kitchen. The second was from a low end kitchen remodeler. The bid came in at $27k including a sink and faucet (and 11k in Merillat cabinetry!), but excluding backsplash. However,the bid was so shoddily written that I am afraid to hire them because it seems to be missing required elements like floor tile and electrical.

Here is one of the designs, and for reference, some shots of the current kitchen:
Kitchen view
Great cabinetry.


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best advice from this forum is...

posted by: crazyone on 01.30.2010 at 02:57 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am just reading thru an old thread from 2 years ago that lists the best advice learned on this forum.. I have found a few good points I may not have known

however in the last 2 years are there new and improved things?

I have read good and bad to the plug mold which is raved about on that thread .. is it still a have to have option?

the tapmaster sounds great for a quick rinse but do you hold it to fill the gi-normous over size single sink that they all loved?


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RE: Custom cabinet maker SF Bay Area (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: jtsgranite4us on 01.16.2010 at 01:57 am in Kitchens Forum

Our custom cabinet maker is in Oakland. Hernandez Custom Cabinets on Coliseum Way just off High St.

He does fabulous work and price is very reasonable.

He built cabinets for our bathrrom, kitchen and laundry room. We have referred him to several of our friends and they were extremely happy with the savings and beautiful cabinets.


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Has anyone used ready to assemble (RTA) Kitchen cabinets

posted by: sherry74 on 02.23.2010 at 09:39 am in Kitchens Forum

My husband and I are contemplating a kitchen remodel. We have a detailed plan that would greatly improve the functionality of our kitchen.

We can use standard cabinet sizes. I did some research on the web and came across several sites that sell RTA cabinets.

These cabinets have 3/4 inch plywood veneer boxes and solid wood doors. No MDF or particle board, soft close drawer glides and dovetail joints. These cabinets sound like a great deal and perfect for DIYers.

I have even seen these cabinets used for kitchen remodels on the DIY network. One thing I can't find is any independent reviews for RTA cabinets on the web.

Has anyone used RTA (other than Ikea) cabinets and what was your experience with them?


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Relative cabinetry prices: brand vs. brand

posted by: stretchad on 03.29.2008 at 11:43 am in Kitchens Forum

We're going to redo our kitchen but aren't quite ready to approach Lowes/HD for quotes on cabinetry. I was wondering if anyone has sufficient knowledge to know which brands are generally cheaper or more expensive. My assumption is that ikea is the cheapest, but I'm not sure how it goes from there.

SO, can those of you who respond supply your ranking of cabinet brands from cheapest to priciest?
This might help those of us who are early in the planning stages...


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Glass Tiles

posted by: lindalp on 02.23.2010 at 05:24 pm in Kitchens Forum

Anyone know of a good (reasonably priced) online source for glass tile?


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