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RE: RE: UPDATE: 2009 Extensive Seed Trade List (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: littleonefb on 02.05.2009 at 04:33 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

"I'm asking for extra postage because many of the envelopes come to me where I owe money for postage???
Usually 33 cents worth or more. That's because when you mail your Envelope, you do not include enough postage."

If you are finding that you are receiving postage due on the mailers or envelopes that you are receiving, you need to take that up with your local post office.
It is doubtful that any of the bubble envelopes you are receiving do not have enough postage on them. they are being received on your end with the proper postage but it is your post office that is marking them with postage due because they are charging the incorrect price.

this is the correct price for bubble envelopes and has been posted on the conversation side of this forum

Bubble envelopes which are empty, or under 3/4" thick are classified as and to be charged as Large Envelopes and referred to as Flats) The contents (seed packs) should be taped in place, so the BE will be uniformly thick, and that the seeds don't shift, and then cause problems with the USPS equipment.
Large Envelopes rates (BE under 3/4" thick)
1 oz=$ .83
2 OZ=$1.00
3 OZ=$1.17
4 OZ=$1.34
5 OZ=$1.51

Other rates up to 13 OZ can be found at the link below. Anything over 13 OZ will then go as Priority mail (1 LB) and will be $4.80 unless one tells the clerks it is to go Parcel Post.

If there are numerous generous amounts of seeds sent, or if the seeds are bigger, the BE may be more than 3/4" thick, and then will go at Parcel Rate. It is not necessary to tape packets down if it is a bigger bulky envelope over 3/4" thick.

Parcel Rates
1 OZ=$1.17
2 OZ=$1.34
3 OZ=$1.51
4 OZ=$1.68
5 OZ=$1.85
6 OZ=$2.02

Even if you have gotten an occasional envelope with not enough postage on it, that doesn't warrant the request for 6 postage stamps from everyone because your post office is charging you the wrong price in either postage due or when you mail the envelopes back.

"I find that it takes, depending on weight/size, 3-5 stamps
for me to mail. OK with 10 packets 3 would work, but some have asked for 30 and more...3 won't be enough for sure"

I can't imagine what your seed packets must weigh to need between 3-5 stamps to send out even 30 seed packets.

I just sent out an SASBE in a 6x9 inch bubble mailer yesterday. There where at least 40 packets of seeds, almost everyone of them with at least 25 seeds in each packet. A few had 5-10 seeds only and they where large seeds like sunflower and the like.
The packet weighed over 3 ounces, under 4. I sent it parcel post and the postage cost was $1.51. The member sent me 4 stamps and that was more than enough.

Besides your offer states 10 packet maximum, so how are you mailing out more than that.

As for your statement "it all averages out". I'm sorry zippy, it doesn't average out. You are asking for way to much in postage for your seeds, and expecting members to pay for your post office mistakes to, as you put it, "average out in the end, is not only not fair, but actually selling your seeds.

"If you feel that somethings wrong with this, then others should stop doing the same! "

I don't know what you mean by this, but I don't see others charging more postage for seeds than is needed to mail the seeds. You are telling members to send you double and triple what the postage should be as well as an extra bubble envelope for no reason except to, based on what you said, make up for the postage due charges or incorrect charges that you post office is charging.

"Like I said, I have had to mail MANY Smaller Bubble wrapped envelopes inside for SASBE exchange as well, if I had no need for what they had to offer me, with extra postage as a gift, in other words, They were giving me SEED, and I gave them postage cause I had no seed to offer.
That was fair for me and them. If you feel that 6 is too many for the lot, then perhaps 4 or 5 would due, just use your judgement."

I can not understand what any of the above means.



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another thinning agent for silicone caulk (Follow-Up #31)

posted by: lazydaisy on 09.18.2003 at 07:30 pm in Hypertufa Forum I'm looking at one of the next search links down and this person says you can thin silicone caulk with distilled water--better yet--a little less toxic if it works.


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RE: Making silicone molds... (Follow-Up #27)

posted by: Buddyfly on 09.17.2003 at 11:35 pm in Hypertufa Forum

Dena, that hand was amazing in the detail! Loved it! I read some instructions on a website somewhere in my many searches about this topic ... about making plaster of paris molds. They said to put the release agent on your item you want to make a mold of. Pour p. of paris in a plastic container just big enough to hold the full item. Just pour the container half full. Set the item in the wet p. of paris, top pointing down, and sink it in half way. Let it set until totally hard and dry. Then you put vaseline on the dry surface of the p. of paris. Make up some more wet p. of paris and pour it over top of the item being molded. Fill up the plastic container just up to the very bottom of the item you are casting the mold of. Let it cure hard again. When it is totally dry, you should be able to separate the two pieces of plaster of paris, removing the object from the center. To make a copy of it, paint your release agent on the inside of the two pieces of mold. Put them together again and duct tape them together. Pour your casting material in the hole that will be at the top. Use whatever product you want... tufa, plaster, cement, etc. Let it set and remove tape and unmold.

Did that make sense? lol... I'm glad I typed it out... it helps me to have it clear in my mind when I go to make a mold like this. I might try my hand as a mold. Will take a long while of sitting with my hand totally still. But at least it will be a re-useable mold.

I can see your 'hands' in a tufa project. I visualize making a bird feeder with the hand or two hands holding the container, or you could mold your hand with a finger held up like a perch for the birds to land on! Here I go with my imagination again! It's a curse! lol



Try for plant pots???
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Sand Sourcing Success! (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: wormgirl on 04.10.2008 at 06:03 pm in Container Gardening Forum

I was striking out on turkey grit, so I went looking for sand. I found it, and wanted to pass along some info I found out on the way.

I'm told sand is old-school for pool filters - most people use glass now. Only a couple places carried a medium grade - I saw it and deemed it too small for my purposes.

I called the masonry supply and they did not carry the sand in bags, but told me what I was looking for was called #8 or #16 silica, and directed me to a construction supply house.

Bingo! They carried a bunch of different grades. A 100 lb bag of #8 silica was just about $10. I was able to see it and it looks nice and chunky and irregular.

Hope that helps anyone else who may be looking.



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