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Weed identification help

posted by: bluephi1914 on 06.26.2014 at 01:38 am in Lawn Care Forum

Need a little help identifying this weed so I can find out what I need to do to kill it. These little things are popping up in an area where I Layed sod last year


What kind of weed
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identify weeds in lawn

posted by: bluephi1914 on 07.16.2013 at 03:39 pm in Lawn Care Forum

i was wondering if these were weeds in my burmuda lawn or if this is just how burmuda looks after 3 weeks of not cutting. recently returned from vacation and noticed my lawn cutting service missed a week.


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Lawn Renovation

posted by: bluephi1914 on 04.23.2013 at 03:10 am in Lawn Care Forum

I am renovating my yard..... It has been overrun by crabgrass on 20% is actual grass (Bermuda).

I just want to make sure I understand the renovation process.

1. Kill everything
2. Cut what's left of the grass/weeds as low as possible
3. fill in any low spots with good top soil
4. re-seed
5. spread straw or some type of covering.

If this is correct, my question was, after I kill everything and wait the 7 days, do I just leave what remains of the crabgrass and weeds down and just reseed on top of that or should I attempt top remove it?

and now would be the time to renovate in Georgia if I'm thinking about Bermuda grass correct?

thanks in advance.


lawn renovation
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What is wrong with this yard

posted by: bluephi1914 on 05.05.2014 at 07:50 am in Lawn Care Forum

new to lawn care.

but i have been applying pre emergent to get control of the crab grass problem that i previously had and it seems to have worked pretty good; however i now have another problem. grass is brown in areas and in those areas you can see the roots and even the dirt.

Not sure if its insects (mole crickets, grubs, etc)

any suggestions for the more experienced lawn care members.

i live in Georgia (Atlanta area) and this is bermuda


whats wrong with this yard
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What blade for new 12 inch miter saw

posted by: bluephi1914 on 06.24.2014 at 08:16 am in Woodworking Forum

I just bought a brand new Hitachi sliding compound miter. It came with a 32 tooth blade. I was wondering if I should switch to a 60 tooth combination blade or 80 tooth blade since it seems that most of my cuts will be cross cuts.


saw blade
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