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RE: prob/? with fish fertilizer (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: Rising_Moon on 01.18.2012 at 08:56 pm in Organic Gardening Forum

A very simple weak tea made of Camomile flowers has shown to help prevent and fight damping off. Seedlings don't really need any added fertilizer if the growing medium is balanced.


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RE: Fish question (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: bigdaddyj on 03.03.2011 at 03:12 pm in Growing Tomatoes Forum

I doubt much benefit using frozen cleaned fish. It's the oil in fish that is a natural fertilizer aften referred to as "fish emulsion". Better to use some quality fish emulsion with some kelp IMO. Don't want cats or wild varmits digging in your tomato bed...:)


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RE: Fish Heads under Corn Crop (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: Vgkg on 06.07.2002 at 02:02 pm in Garden Experiments Forum

Marshall, it would seem to be true, Organic "stuff" being broken down first by soil organisms beforehand. That's probably the better avenue. My usual practice with clover cover crops is to till them in at least a month before seeding, a longer 6 weeks if cold soil. Someone recently posted (not on this thread unfortunately) a site that showed a diagram of how the Native Americans did it. They would place a whole fishhead in the ground (face up) and put one corn seed in it's mouth, covered with soil. I thought that hard to believe and wish I could find that thread/site now.

Anyways, from my observations, the fish row corn was a darker green in foliage and a bit bulkier overall compared to the other rows, this was first evident just after ~4 weeks post sowing. Now, all the plants appear equally robust and equally green so it's now the taste/production factors which come into play. I'll try to keep meticulous notes on this as harvest time nears.
I wonder if (compared to vegetable matter like clover) raw animal matter breaks down faster? Might depend on how "active" the soil is with organisms? vgkg


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RE: Fish emulsion (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: girlgroupgirl on 06.10.2009 at 11:30 am in Georgia Gardener Forum

It's very easy to apply. I do mix it by the water can load since I use rain barrels. If you are a rain barrel user you can also add it to a full barrel, throw in a pump and spray the garden. Fish emulsion used in slightly weaker than recommended forms (since it is getting hot out now) can be applied as a foliar feed early in the morning to the entire garden. I would not add epsom salts to anything but roses and brugmansia and things that need the extra magnesium and only do that once a year or so.
You can also add your fish emulsion mix to a back pack or garden sprayer and spray away...if you use a hose, you can put it in a hose end sprayer and set the sprayer to mix two tablespoons of the fish emulsion to three gallons of water.
Stinky, but it works!! It's my fave!


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RE: fish emulsion for my veggies (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: hdladyblu_2007 on 04.03.2008 at 04:41 pm in Georgia Gardener Forum

i have found that fish emulsion is just about the best fertilizer there is.amen


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Fish emulsion- it can't work this fast?

posted by: tracydr on 06.23.2011 at 09:49 pm in Vegetable Gardening Forum

I've been noticing the past week or two that my Armenian cucumber hasn't been producing as well as I would expect. Lately, the leaves have been kind of pale, too. It's in an old 35 gallon container that needs the soil replaced. I also have an insuks Wang kong runner bean trellis in a neighboring container which has looked pale, whic I've attributed to the severe heat.
Today, I dumped a 5 gallon bucket of fish emulsion diluted in water divided between the two containers around 11 AM. At around 5 this afternoon, I noticed that the leaves on both plants were quite a bit darker, the Armenian had grown several inches (really!) and had several more female blossoms.
Considering it's 110 this afternoon, I would have expected both plants to look anything but dark, happy and better than earlier this AM. Fish Emulsion can't really work that fast, can it? Neither plant was dehydrated, so simply watering doesn't explain the change.


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RE: How long is seaweed/fish emulsion fertilizer good? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: CaptainCompostAL on 06.21.2005 at 11:10 am in Organic Gardening Forum

Any bottled liquid natural fertilizer, contains no living beneficial aerobic microbes in it. It contains only some proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, etc., which will become microbial foods later, after they are exposed to the air, in the presence of healthy aerobic microbes in your gardening environment. That is why the age of these anaerobic liquids is not really that important. It's how you use it.

These type of liquid fertilizers, all have to be diluted big time, in order for the aerobic microbes to overpower the anaerobic microbes, when they are in contact with growing plants.

Aerobic compost tea recipes are totally different. They are living, breeding, biostimulants. They contain both microbial foods plus healthy aerobic microbes, for both soil and foliar applications.


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RE: Using fish emulsion/kelp liquid fertilizer..questions.. (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: EarthAngel on 08.06.2005 at 12:36 pm in Organic Gardening Forum

Hi Adam,
I've used fish emulsion and liquid seaweed as a foliar spray and in watering buckets for several years and have had great success with both. I did some research when I started and here's what I found out; best to spray in the mornings or evenings as other posts stated, and can use in water buckets anytime of the day. It said the foliar spray is absorbed almost immediately so it was okay if it rained soon afterward. It even said that it was good to spray following a rain because the plants' leaf surfaces would accept the spray more readily. I put it in the watering buckets and foliar spray every two weeks, but it probably wouldn't hurt to do it more often if you wish. I don't know about watering it before you fertilize; I just do it on a schedule and don't worry about watering first. It is my favorite fertilizer (mixed with NEEM as an insecticide and fungacide) throughout the season. Good luck! Janet


fish emulsion as favorite
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RE: Fish emulsion -- where to get it? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: sultry_jasmine_night on 05.21.2007 at 02:09 pm in Banana Forum

I found some Alaskan fish fertilizer on clearance at Lowes for 1.74 a bottle (reg price is around 6.00 I think) earlier this season so I got several and boy do they stink. One leaked in the garage and dh had a fit LOL! oops! Most things I put it on liked it. The mandevilleas go crazy with blooms if you use it as a foliar spray (very diluted of course).


Fish Emulsion as Foliar for Mandevilleas
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