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Retrofitting supersusans in upper cabs--a (long) success story

posted by: Bellsmom on 09.15.2012 at 09:52 pm in Kitchens Forum

I know I will try your patience with this long and picture laden post, but I really want to share this with you. It is the kind of thing I have found here when I had a problem and could not imagine an answer as we remodeled. Maybe someone will find this useful. I hope so.

When we remodeled our kitchen about a year ago, I asked that the upper cabs be 15'' deep. Since I prep on the island and seldom on the perimeter under the cabs, and since I am fairly short (5' 2'') the deeper wall cabs cause no inconvenience, and they are GREAT for storage.

I knew at the time that I was creating a monster in the corner though. Here is the way the old corner looked. Pretty, but it was a storage nightmare. Items stored at the back were more than 2 feet behind the items in the front. Impossible to reach without emptying the whole shelf.

I knew I wanted susans there, but the cabinet makers simply were not comfortable modifying them as I wanted. And I knew that, unlike base cabinets, it WAS possible to add susans to wall cabinets after the cabs were installed. So I waited. I had thought I could do this myself, but found that lifting the shelf and susan into place was beyond my strength, so this summer, a young contractor and I tackled the job.

There were three shelves, but I knew that after I modified them, I wanted four. I found a source for 24'' round Rev-a-shelf susans at less than $40 each and ordered 4 of them. I painted the edge so it would match the dark cherry cabs. They looked like this:
I wasn't happy with the small bearing under them, nor with the wasted vertical space. Each susan with its 2'' rim, bearings, mounting plate, and the shelf below it took 3'' of vertical space--so four of them would eat up 12'' in my 40'' cabinet! So we started cutting and replacing. We cut off one inch from the tops of the rim and a slice of the front edge to make a D-shaped instead of a round susan. We added a new, straight edge across the cut. (I was unable to find 24'' D-shaped susans anywhere. I had played with the idea of making the whole thing, but at less than $40 each, this seemed the better way.) Here are the cut off tops and the bearings and original crude turn table which we replaced or eliminated:

And here is a chopped and sectioned susan in position on the new shelf which we made to better use the vertical height provided by the more efficient bearings and the cut-down rim:

I know this is long, but I want to share what I can store on two different shelves in this corner susan. Bear with me.
Here is the front of the bottom shelf.
Storage is planned so that multiple identical items are arranged in front to back rows. Everything is accessible from the front. Here is the same shelf rotated about 45 degrees:
And rotated another 45 degrees or more:
All of the items on this shelf are used almost daily.

And one more shelf, This is the second one.
Front of shelf (I love teapots!)

Rotated about 1/3 of the way:

And rotated again:

Those big nested mixing bowls were space gobblers on any shelf or in any drawer before. I am not sure they would even fit in 12'' deep cabs. They are perfect here. Easy to reach and remove.

I plan to use the two upper shelves for ''dead'' or seasonal storage because I can reach them only with a ladder.

Here is a flash photo of the way the corner looks now. Forgive the ugly shadows the dimpled glass casts under a photo flash.

In summary: If you have limited storage space and every inch counts, consider 15'' deep uppers. If you do 15'' deep uppers, consider susans on the shelves. I strongly recommend retrofitting commercial susans or, better yet, having your cabinet maker custom make them to use every possible inch of vertical and horizontal space.

I like the new easy reach corner upper shelves a lot, but this holds SO much more that I would not change even if I could.

As a final image, I am going to post the bearings we used. I found them on Amazon. The shelves just coast with a slight spin. Brooks, my friend and budding contractor, was astonished at the difference they made:

I have had an immense amount of fun with this project. And playing with organizing the storage has only begun. Next stop is toe kick drawers!!

Thanks for looking. And thank you, GWers, for teaching me that almost anything I can imagine is possible--and then helping me imagine it!



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Off Topic but Where Does Everyone Live??

posted by: piaa on 11.28.2009 at 04:06 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have enjoyed this forum sooooo much since I was pointed in it's direction but have often wondered where everyone lives - obviously it is an International Forum :)

So I will start and please if you would like to join in let's have some fun (maybe this has been done before but I could not find anything)

Piaa - St John US Virgin Islands but born in Coventry England


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Pantry photos/ pics of pantries

posted by: rhome410 on 02.03.2009 at 02:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

There are some great pantry threads that will eventually be lost and Starpooh suggested I post links here so that others can post and, hopefully, we'll keep some of these resources alive for those planning pantries in the future. (She pointed out that threads 'live' longer here than on the discussions side of the forum.) There is one thread, in particular, that has awesome photos of pantry interiors that I can open through a link I've saved, but if anyone posts on it, it doesn't become current again. Starpooh has put it in .pdf form and it is too large to download here, so I've linked it below.

Here is another walk-in pantry thread with helpful shelf spacing guidelines/recommendations:

There is also a previous thread with photos of closet style pantries, which I'm still trying to track down. Of course, photos of pantry cabs will be helpful to people, too.

Anyway, here's hoping people will start showing off their pantries here, so we form a pantry album for others to consult.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread as .pdf: Anyone Willing to Share the Inside of their Pantry?


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Now that I have [X], I think I could have lived without it.

posted by: cate1337 on 07.15.2007 at 07:43 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi, all.

I want to know what all of you would fill in for [X] in the statement, "Now that I have [X], I think I could have lived without it."

For background:

I just read the great thread "Fill in - Now that I have [X], I would never go back to [Y]." (Thanks for starting that, Shannonplus2. It was very helpful as I wrap up my new layout.)

Shannon introduced the thread by referring to "biggest waste of money in your kitchen" or "best low-cost idea" threads. Well, I did a search for those threads and didn't find them. (Please let me know if I missed them, know I'm a noob, did search from the bottom searchbox but didn't feel like scrolling through the 40-some pages that came up.)

And I just decided to move my cooktop in the new kitchen to an island, so I'll need an island vent, so I'll need to cut corners somewhere. $1600 or more corners. *gasp*

So would any of you say, perhaps:

Now that I have the new engineered quartz counters, I think I could have lived with formica for a few years....

Now that I have a new refrigerator, I think I could have lived with the old one for a while...

Now that I have a double oven and a microwave, I never use all of them at once...

Now that I have a single-bowl, 10" deep sink, I think I could've lived with a 7"?

I.e., what would you cut from your kitchen design?

Thank you in advice for the answers and honesty,


Here is a link that might be useful: Never go back thread


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My finished kitchen.

posted by: sharb on 05.07.2007 at 10:42 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to post photos of my kitchen. Life has been busy. I just had the house tented for termites this week. My husband is still climbing Mt. Everest and I've been helping babysit for grandchildren. But, I'm loving my kitchen. I don't know if I would go through everything again, but it's over and I love it. If I could do over, there are definitely things I would do differently, but I'm sure no matter how many times I did it, there would be things to improve on.

I want to thank all of you for answering questions that I had. This has been such a great place to share ideas. During a kitchen remodel there is no one else who is as interested as another person doing their own remodel. Thanks. Sharb

Cabinets, perimeter: Premier Custom-Built, Inc. Maple, Beaded inset-1", Door Style-Cambridge 1", Drawer Head style -Cambridge 1", Finish Name: White/GR, Finish family: Cloister
Cabinets, island: Premier Custom-Built, Inc., Wood species: cherry, Door: Beaded inset - 1", Door style-English Cambridge-1", Drawer Head Style: English Cambridge-1", Double pegs on all four corners, Finish Name: Ant. Honey/RU/WM, Finish Family: Colonial Rustic
Knobs and hinges: Gerber ORB
Counter (perimeter): Kashmir Gold Granite
Counter (island): Caesarstone honed Jerusalem Sand
Backsplash: Jerusalem gold
Range: Viking VGSC486-6G Burgundy 48" All Gas with six open burners, 12" wide griddle/simmer plate, double oven, self cleaning, Brass trim, Stainless Steel high shelf,
Range Hood: Burgundy Viking with brass trim.
Refrigerator: 48" Sub-Zero with Top Knobs handles
Sink: Herbeau Fireclay Farm House Sink - White
Faucet, main: Herbeau "Royale" 2 Hole Kitchen Mixer with Wooden Handspray - Finish Weathered Brass
Faucet, Prep Sink: 18" Bates & Bates, Copper, round, hammered
Faucet, prep sink: Herbeau "De Dion" Single Lever Mixer with Wooden Disc Cartridge and Handspray - Finish Weathered Brass
Soap & Lotion Dispenser: Herbeau Weathered Brass
Water Dispenser: Herbeau Weathered Brass
Dishwasher: Miele
Fireplace: Honed Calcutta Marble, custom
Microwave/Convection: Viking
Counter Stools: Ethan Allen
Beverage refrigerator: Viking
Wine refrigerator: Viking
Paint: Benjamin Moore-Rich Cream
Trim paint: BM Custom
Chandeliers: Custom, Uni Lite, Anaheim, CA
Windows: Marvin
Floors: 5" & 7" hand hewn hickory/pecan planks, med-dark finish
Powder Room:
Cabinets: Premier Custom-Built Inc., German glass, milk paint
Hinges and Knobs: Gerber
Faucet: Herbeau with weathered brass finish.
Counter top: Jerusalem Gold
Flooring: King Gold with Calcutta marble keys
Chandelier: Fredrik Ramond
Sink: Kohler

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Photos


Best Kitchen Ever. Drawer and Pantry Photos.
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Show me your Kitchen Table!!! Pretty please!

posted by: repaintingagain on 07.28.2009 at 02:59 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm definitely bad at visualizing. And having finally mastered finding my counters, I'm starting to wonder - what will we do for a table?

Can you please post a picture of your kitchen (so I know what style it is) and the table/chairs you have in that kitchen. Feel free to add any details such as where you got it or the type of wood/paint/finish, etc.

I have no idea what style would work well in my kitchen. I've gone from trestle to oval to round to farm to....another decision making me crazy.

Thanks in advance for the eye candy!


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Kitchen Islands - Lets See Your Pics

posted by: cookpr on 12.31.2008 at 08:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

Searched and could not find a massive thread devoted to ALL islands, any shape, color, size or form.

Planning a kitchen for a new construction and want to see what all you creative people came up with.

Lets see those islands!! The more pics, the better!!


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where's your microwave--pix requested

posted by: marciag on 10.12.2008 at 10:26 am in Kitchens Forum

One kitchen design I've received has the microwave under the counter in the island. I am not planning to get a built in or microwave drawer--don't want the expense. Currently have an OTR micro. My original thought was an open cabinet (above counter) to set a countertop micro/convection oven into. We use the microwave A LOT--every meal and in-between.

Pictures of the placement of your micro would be great!


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