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granite fabrication questions..what do you think!

posted by: rubyvine on 03.21.2010 at 07:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

So this marble lover is finally able to embrace the granite countertop thing. After a year of searching I came across a beautiful granite called Titanium Black. As I posted earlier (but can't find), I am wondering if anyone has info about and/or experience with this stone?
My layout includes an island that is 117in x 37.5in. There will be a 13.5in overhang along the back for stools and an 8in overhang on the two sides. My fabricator, who is very reputable, says I do not need any supports for the larger overhang. I have questioned them on two occasions and they keep telling me it is fine to do this and that they do these overhangs often. This is NOT what I have read here.
Also, they showed me a thin 6in line along the top of one of the slabs and said it was a "crack". They are planning to start using the granite for the island an inch below where the crack ends. Again, they have a very good reputation, I have seen there work and have also read good reviews about them on this site.
So to all the granite experts, what do you think?
Thanks so much for your help!


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RE: Support brackets for granite overhang? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: buehl on 04.21.2011 at 09:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

Use the "6 & 10 Rule"

  • For 3cm stone: any overhang > 10" will need a corbel or other support. how much? Overhang inches - 10" = # inches for support

  • For 2cm stone: any overhang > 6" will need a corbel or other support. how much? Overhang inches - 6" = # inches for support

    ....with a corbel or support every 30" of unsupported overhang

    If you don't want corbels or legs, consider the "CounterBalance" system instead.

    Thread: Kevin - 'remember the 6 & 10 rule'
    Thread: granite fabrication questions..what do you think!

    Minimum recommended overhangs (NKBA):

  • Table-height: 18"
  • Counter-height: 15"
  • Bar-height: 12"
  • Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Stone Information and Advice (& Checklists)


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    Custom cabinet makers in Maryland area?

    posted by: ImaCurvyGrrl on 01.05.2011 at 01:03 pm in Kitchens Forum

    Hi, we are building a house about halfway between Baltimore Maryland and Washington DC, and are considering custom cabinet makers to do the job. I've read a ton here that says it's definitely worth pursuing to get the quality and the price we want.

    Does anyone have any recommendations of who we could talk to in the local area? We are looking at both Shaker (us) and more traditional (parents) styles, in Cherry. Neither of us is looking for a ton of bells and whistles, but these are going to be our forever homes, so we want something that will last.

    Thank you!


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    Comparing CR6 vs LR6

    posted by: jscozz on 07.20.2010 at 01:02 am in Lighting Forum

    I know the CR6 is not available yet, but I have seen YouTube videos of them being installed in Habitat houses... so I am guessing some pre-release units are out there. I have been coming up to speed about these two models from this forum and CREE spec sheets. I have a few questions... not sure if anyone on here has first hand experience with these yet... but any input would be greatly appreciated. I am considering these for my home.

    1) The specs say they get pushed in and twisted to lock in place. What do the tabs grab on to? The YouTube video showed a gap between the ceiling and trim that the guy could not tighten... do these stay in place properly? Can they be installed easily to be tight with no gaps?

    2) I saw a video on the LR6 being disassembled... showed the sensor that is actively adjusting the light color temp. Is this the "TrueWhite" which appears to be in both the LR6 and the CR6? I read here in other posts here that there is one color feature that is NOT on the CR6 that the LR6 has. What is this feature and is it important for residential use? I have seen a lot of early specs posted here that now seem to be wrong... may be CREE has changed them... lifetime at 50,000, power consumption at 10.5, trims available... is there still a difference in the color stabilization or is this no longer a difference either?

    3) What is left as the advantage of the LR6 besides 575->650 lumens?


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    cree cr6

    posted by: jscozz on 08.24.2010 at 02:24 pm in Lighting Forum

    In case anyone is interested... I just saw the CREE CR6 come up on the Home Depot web site for $49 under the Home Depot brand EcoSmart... but it is clearly the CR6. I spoke to CREE and they said the only differences between the HD version and the CREE retail version are 3 yr warranty instead of 5 yr and 35,000 hours instead of 50,000... and there are some different internal parts. All other specs look identical. I would be curious if anyone buys one of each and takes a look inside to see if there are really any different parts... :) BTW.. Home Depot has "tons" in stock, they say.


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    Cree CR6 v. LR6

    posted by: lennym on 05.13.2010 at 08:06 am in Lighting Forum

    In another forum one of the on-line retailers wrote:

    "To make the new CR6 less expensive Cree removed some performance and options when compared to the LR6 . Due to a much smaller heat sink, the CR6 is rated to last 30k hours as compared to the 50K hour LR6. The CR6 will not be as bright either. It is rated at 575 lumens vs 650 for the LR6. That's probably going to mean Cree will make a claim that it is just shy of a 60W incandescent as compared to the current claim of 65W for the LR6 which I think is at least 10% on the conservative side. No big deal but, in spite of its reduced brightness the CR6 is a 12W light and Cree recently reduced the LR6 spec down to 10.5W. The LR6 has optional trim rings available and a really well designed eyeball model. These options are not going to be available for the CR6.

    Bottom line: The CR6 could be thought of as the CREE LITE ! It will be a nice addition to Cree's product line but the current LR6 or LR6C may well be worth the $16 dollar premium ... and it's available today."

    Any comments here from the point of view of domestic (perhaps mostly kitchen) use?

    As I understand it the CR6 will not require optional trim rings. That raises the cost differential. Do LR6 users generally get the rings? Is the appearance acceptable without the rings?


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    where to buy cabinet hardware - best prices on line?

    posted by: shermp on 01.03.2011 at 03:01 pm in Kitchens Forum

    If you have a favorite (or two!) websites that sell cabinet hardware online I would love to get your recommendation. Thanks!


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    Show off Your Counter Stools! (please;)

    posted by: doonie on 01.02.2011 at 11:31 am in Kitchens Forum

    I would love to see what everyone else has chosen for counter height stools in their kitchen. I've decided I need to change mine out for something more comfortable, so please include your comfort rating and brand and if they swivel or not. And why you chose what you did. If you can include a photo of how it fits with your kitchen decor, even better!

    Thanks in advance for sharing your stools;))



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    kitchen and remodeling photos

    posted by: cliff_and_joann on 12.01.2010 at 01:30 pm in Home Decorating Forum

    our daughters remodel. 9 ft ceilings, cabinets go
    up to ceiling, floor is wide plank maple, counters
    are soapstone, Island is cherry.

    Stove, you can see a bit of the marble floor in the mud room.

    wall oven, warming tray and microwave. The big end cab is the fridge and the two lower drawers are the freezer.

    Swing door to the right of the oven is entry way into
    the dining room.

    French doors on left, lead to living room.

    photobucket is acting up, so I'm posting this before I loose it, however, I'll be back with more.


    Beuatiful kitchen, cabinets, countertos, island, backsplash, and white toekicks.
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