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Texas Sized Garden Junk!!!!!!!

posted by: susiewantsroses on 01.22.2009 at 10:48 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I got the wonderful privilege of going to a large ranch yesterday. The wonderful Texas lady had all kinds of Garden Junk!!!! I took a picture of one of them but quickly lost the daylight to get further pictures. She said that I could come back and get some additional pics.

This is a buggy with dressed human forms taking a ride. It is rustic and really western.

Notice the silhouette of the cowboy. There is a storm shelter in the backround that is real.


Notice how that Texas Plains Winds just blow you back in your buggy seat!!! It could almost make a Texas man drop his "water" jug.


Check out the horse on the right side.


The other art pieces will be a suprise for a future post. Her front yard was almost as big as my entire neighborhood. Ha A small bird bath would not even begin to make a dent in her yard decor. It was full of antique farm empliments that attach to tractors.

The sweet Western lady sent me on my way with a large box of RED CANNAS bulbs/tubers. They grow 6 1/2 ft for her. Pray that I dont kill them. And she also included a dozen Purple Irises. I have been planting all day.

Hope you enjoy a little view of the heart of TEXAS winter. See how everything is straw colored? A light snowfall would be pretty. Nah-h-h-h LOL. The bright sun is always shining. This summer we will constantly be looking for shade to get away from it.



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My Christmas Gift

posted by: cindee11461 on 01.22.2009 at 12:06 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I lost my camera or I should say the DH lost the camera so I had to get the old one out to take a picture. It was a hassle but I finally got it taken. Anyhow, this is the gift my brother made me. It's an old lamp shade made into a flower. It has rebar for the stem and leaves. All items are recycled. As you may know from previous posts he is a dumpster diver and "rescues" items out of the recycle bin!Hope you enjoy!!!!!


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