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nos jd lx277: worth?

posted by: larso1 on 02.01.2009 at 12:15 pm in Tractors Forum

I'd like to get your educated opinions on what a New Old Stock 2002 JD LX277 is worth. My local JD dealer has one on the showroom floor he's never been able to sell. It's never been set outside so looks new too. He says everyone wants the new models and don't give this one a second look. It's got the 17-hp air-cooled Kawasaki, 48C deck, non-power steering, no diff. lock and no AWS. It will have a new battery when someone buys it. Without looking into it the dealer thought is was originally around $4k. What should I offer? Thanks,



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Identifying older Ariens Snowblower

posted by: bhshaman on 10.28.2007 at 08:50 pm in Tool Shed Forum

Hello all,

I just picked up a refurbished Ariens Snowblower.

Anyone know the model and/or year?
It does not have the model or serial on the frame.

The Engine numbers are:
Model: H70-130067
Serial: 9275 16776

Here is a picture of it (sorry about the quality):
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Oil change on x300

posted by: jbcarr on 04.01.2007 at 12:52 pm in Tractors Forum

I am doing the 8 hour service on my x300. What is the oil capacity? Thanks


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New Style Gas Cans!

posted by: rdtompki on 06.11.2006 at 12:40 pm in Lawn Mowers Forum

I've got three relatively new plastic gas cans that I use for my riding mower and lawn mower as well as two "cans" that provide diesel for my tractor. The gas cans are Blitz with the new style nozzle that is supposed to prevent spills. These things are brutal and invariable lead to a mess.

Can anyone recommend a brand of gas can that has an improved design? I really miss the simple spout style and never spilled gas prior to this improved technology.

I should mention that I can use a small "can" for the lawn mower, but need 5-7 gallons for garden tractor (gas) and tractor (diesel).

Our government at work. You can never have too much regulation.



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Bought Used JD LX277 Today... advice?

posted by: bhshaman on 08.13.2007 at 08:12 pm in Tractors Forum

Hi there.
Had a 1999 Craftsman 20.5hpBS 42" that had the tranny go.
It did a fair job for a while, but my front yard has a slope and I tow a roller in spring and sweeper when mowing. I don't think it was up to it over time.

Shopped the used market and JD dealers.
Had a choice between LX277 with 250hrs for $1800 or GX325 with 1500hrs for $3000+tx. Wife said no way she was going to let us spend $3k on a 15 year old tractor.

I know, I know. I tried to convince her of the difference between a LawnX and a GardenX, but we don't tiller or snowplow so it was a hard sell. My neighbor has a LX178 and he had my wife convinced it was enough.

I was wondering what the LX277 has for a transmission.
I have an incline in the front yard:
and want to tow the lawn roller in the spring and sweeper as well. Maybe a snowblower attachment in the future as the budget allows.

Think the LX277 will be up to it?


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