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What should I use on my butcher block oil-wise?

posted by: kygirl99 on 05.07.2007 at 12:43 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am a month into having maple butcherblock. I'm not using it as a cutting board, but I do place sandwiches, etc, on the countertop, as I'm preparing lunch. So I need a food-safe product to put on the wood. The place where I bought the wood gave me a few bottles of something called Spoon Oil, which is a mix of beeswax and mineral oil. They said to coat it once a month.

I've been doing that, coated it once while the house was still being finished and then coated it again last week. But I've noticed little things like a slight water ring where someone sat a bottle of water, etc.

Is there something I can put on my butcherblock to better protect it from such things and still be food safe? (Not to the degree of cutting on the bb as a cutting board, but nothing poisonous enough to harm us if I lay something on the bb temporariliy.) Would tung oil work in that instance? Or Waterlox? How would the appearance of my bb change with tung oil or Waterlox? Would it darken it or make it shiny? Cause I love the way it looks right now.

Also, I noticed a little black streak from newsprint on my bb the other day, so I scrubbed it off with the rough side of my cleaning sponge. Now the wood looks a little roughened up there. Duh. Silly me. I oiled it and it looks acceptable but, again, would tung oil or waterlox or something else better protect the wood?

Thanks for any help. I did a search on the topic because I know it's been covered but I couldn't find it. So sorry to repeat an oft-asked question.


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