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inline, external, remote, etc Confused about vent hoods

posted by: Peke on 01.17.2013 at 08:27 am in Appliances Forum

Please help with explanations of vent hoods. I read about it then promptly forget it and have to go looking for it again. So I thought I would ask and maybe get the info in one place. Wish a sticky could be made.

1. external- outside, but where?
2. internal-
3. inline-
4. liners- just the metal part? inside a wood outside hood?
still need to buy blowers and ????
5. blowers- understand cfm but that is all.
6. rear venting- does it say horizontal ?
7. anything I left out?

I understand the heights, widths,depths, capture area, etc. for why you choose a vent hood.

Isn't it more expensive to buy the blowers and liners and hood separately? What is the reason for doing that? Maybe wanting a custom wood hood? If I am wanting S.S. would I save money by buying it as an all-in-one?

Confused mind here! Please help! Thanks, Peke


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best (cheapest) hood to buy if using Abbaka Hy-Ex?

posted by: bethinevanston on 02.01.2013 at 03:29 pm in Appliances Forum

Thank you everyone who posts on these forums. You are all helping along our whole house gut reno more than you will ever know!

I have been reading the threads but can't find my answer to my current dilemma, so here is my first post. It's time to buy the range hood. I plan on buying an Abbaka Hy-ex blower. I want a 42" SS, wall-mount, chimney style hood. I do not have upper cabs. The hood must have room for 10" ductwork. My rangetop is a 36" Capital Culinarian. Prefer baffles to mesh for the filters. Don't need heat lamps. Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance!!!



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