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RE: I realy dislike my my step child, may even hate him at times. (Follow-Up #119)

posted by: beingastepdadsucks on 12.27.2011 at 04:03 pm in Stepfamily Forum

Here's my 2 cents, I hope I can get some tips, help, assistance, not sure, but here's my story. I became a stepdad of 2 kids 3 years ago, the oldest was 5 and the youngest kid was 2 at the time, now the oldest, who's a girl, she's 8 and the boy is 5, my stepdaughter has ADD, a really hard case, y wife and I both get really impatient but I notice that my wife is very easy going with her, the girl is pretty much of a big liar, fights with her little brother a lot, has some pretty rough games with her barbies and other toys, never cleans or organizes her bedroom, she's a very dirty girl, barely eats and whatever she eats she takes stuff out of the food/plate, but she gets tons of toys from everyone and everyone believes in her lies and all and I consider her a tomboy and honestly everything she does pisses me off, and to make things worse, she looks eeeexactly like her dad, the guy is a complete ass*** and both are exactly the same, the guy also has Attention deficit disorder, and physically, both look very alike. I really try my best to get along with her, give her advises, etc, I just really try my best, but for she misbehaves terrible every single day, without exageration, there's never been a day that she's behaved perfect, even at school, her school teachers can't stand her, so we took her to a psychologist and a child psychiatrist and she's on a med to make her just focus and be calmed, but when she's not medicated, noone can stand her, my wife although she's easy on her, can't stand her much but she doesn't know that I've grown to hate this girl. I feel terrible for that but I don't know what else to do, am I just hysteric? is it because I'm not the real dad?


Also, in addition, I telecommute so I really feel the need to be away from home as much as possible and work at the office, I've considered very much resigning to my telecommuting schedule and going back to the office full time because being at home everyday and the entire day just drives me crazy watching the kids getting away with it and their mom just being laid back.
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