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12x24 tile "dipping" at corners?

posted by: austinaggie on 12.22.2014 at 02:38 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We had 12x24 tile installed on our master bathroom floor last week. It's our first time using large tile and we chose an offset pattern. Now installed and grouted, the spots where the corners of two tiles meet alongside the middle of an adjacent tile are not level - visible to the eye and sharp to bare feet. Our installer told us today that it is normal for large format tile to have corners that "dip" slightly and when installed you get different heights in an offset pattern. My thoughts were (A) this would have been great information to give us when we discussed the pattern, and (B) it sounds like a made up excuse for poor installation.

To the tile experts out there, what do you think? We want to redo the floor, either with a different tile or with this tile in a straight pattern where any dips would all meet in the corners to minimize the issue.



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