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RE: Residential sprinkler system? (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: jcm55 on 03.22.2006 at 10:35 am in Building a Home Forum

We also got hit with a fire sprinkler requirement. They didn't say anything about it when we got our building permit. I didn't find out until I went to have the fire department sign off on our water service application. Apparently the Uniform Fire Code requires sprinklers if you're on a dead end street with a turnaround less than 70 feet in diameter (which we are).

Lowest bid for the sprinkler system was $6000 for our 1600 sq. ft. house plus 2 car garage. That's with me doing the leg work to submit the fire sprinkler permit and babysitting it to make sure it gets approved in a timely manner. Hopefully we'll get the permit soon enough that the sprinkler sub can get their work done and not hold up the sheetrock.

Like a previous poster, we will have to pay a "system capacity charge" to the water district to set up new service. Fortunately, our water district (EBMUD) does not charge extra for a larger water meter if it's necessary for a fire sprinkler system. They only charge us for the meter size that would normally be required without the sprinkler system.

I haven't checked yet to see if we will get a discount on our homeowners insurance for having a sprinkler system. I guess that will be a deciding factor in choosing an insurance co when the house is complete.


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