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RE: Help Making Final Soapstone Decision! (Follow-Up #34)

posted by: Quadesl on 01.29.2014 at 07:33 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'd contact Green Mountain direct.

Here's a video they put out describing the finish, 80 grit.

Here is a link that might be useful: 80 grit


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New countertops in today! ...teaser photo

posted by: ctycdm on 02.13.2013 at 01:05 am in Kitchens Forum

New Soapstone in today, still have the backsplash to do, among other things...


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RE: 99% Finished Kitchen--creamy white w/soapstone (Follow-Up #54)

posted by: jbrodie on 03.02.2009 at 03:25 pm in Kitchens Forum

I still can't believe this response. You are all too nice!

elfmom--Are your cabs factory finished? If so, I don't know that you could paint over them without sanding them down, which would be a shame. I would ask an experienced painter. We ordered our cabs unfinished and had a painter (awesome painter if anyone needs one in SF Bay Area on the peninsula) paint them. Spraying was much less expensive than brushing, but it did make as thick of a coat and we liked the idea that with the final brush area we could touch up without it being noticeable. That's part of the reason that we went with painted over the factory finish white that is "baked" on, and also we didn't like the look of the finishes our cab maker did and saw some in a home nearby that they made and it looked like the finish chipped easily. I guess if you order from the big companies with the factory finish it's much more durable than when you go with a custom cabinet maker in California...I guess they can't use the same chemicals to make it durable due to CA regulations. I have a friend that has the glaze. Her kitchen was one of my inspirations and it's gorgeous (I'll ask her if I can post some of the pictures I have of it). I think it looks great, and it hides the dirt! Everything shows on my cabs, but with the glaze you can get away with more!

mamabirrd--We like the Natura. It doesn't smell, which is great! We wanted to be as green as possible. The only place we didn't use it is on the cabinets because from everything I read on this site and talking to guy at the paint store, it sounded like Aura was a better bet for holding up to the beating cabinets get. A lot of people on the forum also like Fine Paints of Europe for cabinets, but that's $100 per can!

chinchette--The chairs at the desk (also the same ones at our dining table) are from Crate & Barrel. They are quite comfortable and once we get cushions will be even more so! I do have to say, they are not the most practical. A friends child was over recently and stood on a chair and little piece broken off the side of the seat. My husband glued it back on, but I can tell it's not going to last. Once we have cushions (C&B only has cream and black ones, and we want something in between) they will be more protected, which will be a good thing! Also, they will be tricky to clean if anything is ever spilled or if it gets dusty inside. The great thing is they are only $129! Here's the link:
Our barstools were a great deal too and are extremely comfortable. $350 for two and Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

For the chalkboard idea, I have to give credit to Sunset Magazine. I saw a picture a couple of years ago and tore it out. It's one of my favorite things. I often write a message near the top and then the kids decorated the bottom.

I know I still owe some people the tile name, and I'll try to get out there to take a look at it soon!


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RE: 99% Finished Kitchen--creamy white w/soapstone (Follow-Up #29)

posted by: jbrodie on 03.01.2009 at 11:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

Try out the RH latches and see what you think. Maybe the ones I got were an off batch. The ones I got did not open and close smoothly like the Rejuv ones do. I think it would have driven me nuts. The Rejuvenation ones are pricey, but if you're doing ORB (and maybe with other finishes) you can mix and match with RH hardware for the rest. It matches perfectly. And of course you save money by not going with all Rejuvenation.

We like the pendants. They don't put out a huge amount of light, but with the other lighting in the kitchen it's enough for us. In fact sometimes I dim them. We put everything on dimmers which I love. So, I guess it depends what other lighting you have.

This is the hood:
For power, we got what the appliance guy suggested with our rangetop and I can't remember what that was.

I got the window treatment from Smith and Noble. The gal came out to the house, measured, brought samples and I ordered from her. My receipt says, Natural Woven color code 4482. I have to say, it's different that what I would have picked online. It was very handy having her come out with all the samples. I don't think it cost any more to have a person come (though the shipping seemed awfully high). We installed it ourselves and it was very simple. If you do order from them, search online for coupons because I've seen some lately. I thought the shade was very reasonable ($233 plus shipping, which was only a little more than one of those honeycomb shades we got at Home Depot a few years ago).

The beadboard...hmmm. I don't know. I had asked for a wider plank and so it wasn't exactly what I envisioned. I don't dislike it, but I barely notice it and it would have been a good place to save a few bucks.


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RE: 99% Finished Kitchen--creamy white w/soapstone (Follow-Up #16)

posted by: jbrodie on 03.01.2009 at 08:36 pm in Kitchens Forum

Oh my, I'm blushing! Thank you all so much for the positive feedback!

Okay, let me see if I can answer all the questions:

This was part of a big remodel, which was helpful because we could pick all colors and whatnot at once. Our house used to end where the ceiling height changes and our kitchen was enclosed, no island (and 1950's disfunctional appliances) and the area where the desk is now is where we had our dining table. So, we extended the kitchen the long way mostly, and added the island where the counter and wall used to be. I hope that makes sense. We LOVE having that desk area. It's so nice for the kids to do homework there and we use the cabinets on either side of it for pantry area.

Paint colors:
Benjamin Moore Natura
1000 Northwood Brown walls in the kitchen
998 Cabot Trail in the family room (somewhere I read...probably on this forum...that it works well to use two colors that are two or three PMS colors apart).

Cabinets: Bejamin Moore Aura in Acadia White. I find it looks pretty bright white in the middle of the day with bright sunlight shining in, and then quite creamy at night when the lights are on. The first two coats were sprayed and the final coat was brushed so we would be able to touch up when needed. Another thing I learned on the forum!

Pendants and fixture near the desk: Restoration Hardware. I think the pendants are called Benson and it's the smallest size.

I forgot to mention the cab hardware too. All of it is from Restoration Hardware with the exception of the latches. I originally got their latches and they were horrible (not smooth to operate). I found a woman on this forum who had tested lots of latches and recommended ones from Rejuvenation. I got those...small size in oil rubbed bronze. They match perfectly with the Restoration Hardware pulls and knobs in ORB and they work great! Thanks Mary! (I think that's who it was).

On the soapstone I've been using Bee's Oil from Holland Mills (another thing I found on the forum!). They gave us mineral oil with the counter, but it didn't last as long and got more splotchy looking than the Bee's Oil.

Let me know if I forgot anything!



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99% Finished Kitchen--creamy white w/soapstone

posted by: jbrodie on 03.01.2009 at 06:59 pm in Kitchens Forum

Finally! Our kitchen is finished! I never thought the day would come, and boy am I enjoying it. I owe so much to this forum. I can't tell you how much you all helped me. Thank you!!! I hope I can help others in return.

Hope I'm not putting too many pictures!





soap stone

Quick description (feel free to contact me if you have questions)
-Soapstone: Julia
-Cabinets: Custom, inset/flush shaker style with single bead (waiting to see if we get some issues resolved before I recommend the cabinet maker)
-Bookcase and desk tops: walnut
-Sharp microwave oven drawer (love it!)
-GE fridge
-Shaw 30 inch apron sink
-Wolf range top
-Thermador double ovens
-Vent-a-hood hood
-Dal tile
-potfiller: Newport Brass
-hot/cold faucet Newport Brass
-Main faucet: Mico
-Door to garage: one panel painted with chalkboard! The kids love this and it's fun to put messages to guests, each other, holiday wishes, etc.
-Pull out baskets (love these...I keep bread in one and potatoes, onions, etc. in the other)
-Wine shelf--love it!
-Bar stools from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop (love these and they were so reasonable!)
-What would I do differently? More than 12 inch overhang on seating area of island (maybe 14-16 inch). And I might skip the bead board in the backs of the bookshelfs and glass cabs.

Happy kitchen designing to all! Thank you again!


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RE: How far out should the faucet extend over the sink? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: rococogurl on 04.15.2010 at 07:32 pm in Kitchens Forum

Forgive me but this is one of my "pet" subjects. It is complicated! The idea is to coordinate the sink and faucet by looking at the download spec sheets. Those say how far the drain is from the back of the sink and where it sits laterally. Then try to match that with the length of the faucet arc front to back. Ideally, the flow of water from the faucet should go down the drain. Don't forget that the faucet usually sits back either on the sink rim if it's a drop in or a bit farther back it it's a deck mount. So watch that.

Everything is measured center to center.

Splashing increases with faucet spout height. Even when it's lined up over the drain perfectly, don't forget you have lateral positions for the faucet. Some don't splash as much as others (depends on the water restrictor and water pressure also).

As someone rightly pointed out it's also important to watch the tilt of the spout (in my case the spout was tilted but the download didn't indicate that -- always best to see in person to be sure and to handle and see if you like the feel).

The faucet is the most-used feature in the kitchen. I'm often surprised how little attention it gets -- or how much it requires.


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RE: Farrow and Ball paint (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: pirula on 01.20.2009 at 01:16 pm in Paint Forum

Oh Red, I've got pictures, but you really can't tell much from them as far as sheen, you know how that goes. If you like the merest hint of sheen then trust me and try the Modern emulsion. It is lovely. To give you an idea, F&B's eggshell isn't that shiny in the first place. It's a lovely satin sheen that is very refined. If light is shining right on it, you see it, otherwise, it's very delicate. It's absolutely cleanable/scrubbable, it's what I used in the kitchen and in my son's bathroom. Scrub, scrub, scrub. No problems. The estate now is completely flat, and looks almost like velvet on the walls. The finish is absolutely the best of anything I used. It is also scrub scrub scrub, no problems (hello, a boy, a dog, and two cats, I do have to scrub)....

The Modern is in between the eggshell and the Estate, so it's very much an even softer sheen. I only used it on my ceilings, but that was a functional decision. I actually wish I had used the modern on the kitchen walls, because I'd have loved a little less sheen. But alas, when I decided on the kitchen paint, the Modern wasn't around, or I didn't know about it yet. But even the eggshell walls are NOT NOT shiny. And the modern would be half as shiny. So, if you like a soft sheen, go for the modern.


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