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How about favorite Chocolate Cake Recipes?

posted by: jel48 on 01.24.2011 at 05:14 am in Kitchen Table Forum

I was just reading Glenda's Wacky Cake thread and it started me thinking of Chocolate Cake. There are so many different great chocolate cake recipes. Let's get a batch of them together in one thread. I made this first one Saturday to take to a Memorial Service for my step-daughter's fiance's dad. I also made it for my grand-daughter's baby shower. And it's so easy, it can be made any time for any reason at all! Like the Wacky Cake, it contains no eggs. It does have a little milk but that could easily be replaced by water (making it suitable for my Vegan eating daughter). I'll post another favorite later, if I have time, but that one has to be manually typed in while this one is a link to an online recipe, so you get the easy one first :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot Fudge Pudding Cake


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RE: Sell me your panel ready dishwasher! (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: sayde on 06.29.2010 at 08:10 am in Kitchens Forum

There are many threads about dishwashers in the Appliance forum.

Summarizing what I've learned -- I'm looking at getting a panel ready dishwasher too --

Kitchenaid has many fans. Some people like it because it has a food grinder (no filters to clean) and it has a dry cycle.

Whirlpool and Kenmore Elite are also good.

But if you have inset cabinets and your cabinets are 24 inches deep -- standard depth-- the fully integrated Kitchenaid and other American models will stick out. You would need to have it recessed into the wall or you would have to build out your cabs to deeper than 24.

The European models are 22 and a fraction deep -- and a little less wide as well. So these will be truly flush if you have the situation described above. Asko, Bosch and Miele all have their fans but Miele seems to be the favorite.

Given all this I have pretty much decided on the Miele. The least expensive model that allows full integration is (I believe) the Inspira, so I am going with that. A little concerned that the tines are closer together. But most people who have Miele are very happy.

But even the least expensive Miele costs more than the American models.


inset cabs and integrated dw
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