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building a raised bed - does this cost sound about right?

posted by: basiladdict on 02.12.2012 at 07:54 pm in Square Foot Gardening Forum

I'm working on pricing the materials I need for building my first (YAY!) raised garden bed.

It will be 4' X 16' (braced in the middle, not to worry)

The box will cost about $60.

The compost via third party from the municipality will cost $132.97 (that's 3 cu yds, a little extra for some needy beds).

So about $200 all said and done. Does this sound about right? Is there a way I can do it any cheaper? (Assuming no cinder blocks for construction?)


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can I just use straight compost?

posted by: basiladdict on 02.13.2012 at 08:47 pm in Soil Forum

I need to fill a raised bed. I found a place that will sell me compost (from the municipality).

I know some people use the 1-1-1 ratio for raised beds (peat moss, vermiculite, compost). Is that necessary? Can I get by without it?


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