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Protein in a worm bin

posted by: barbararose21101 on 08.24.2014 at 10:57 am in Vermicomposting Forum

Do any of you put meat in your red wiggler bins ?

Is the consensus against protein based on the risk of attracting attention from other critters, odor of decomposition, and variables other than the health of the worms ?

Look at that: I got italics !


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Worm Tea vs Leachate (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: barbararose21101 on 12.16.2013 at 11:40 am in Vermicomposting Forum

I read up on the science of the Tea/Leachate question.
My take is that making the tea is not worth the extra effort.
Controlled tests at the UW on roses did not demonstrate conclusive results. So: adding stuff & aerating and figuring
how to use it is a lot of work for a questionable result.
However, there are anecdotal stories of good results.
Maybe it's like nutrients for humans: too many variables.

The other issue is how safe is leachate ? Some posters here don't even acknowlege the question.

Nor do some of the posters here seem to acknowlege that the worms shouldn't live in their own waste for too long. Based on my reviewing, 6 months seems to be a limit. That is, at some point, the worms need a Fresh start even if we aren't ready to use the castings, or even if there is still bedding in it.

I'm back to the forum to report good results if I can find a topic where it will fit. How we name our posts matters: the post "Sweet Spot" could be aptly titled "horse manure". There's a humorous version of that from, is it, Mash ? Col Potter "Horse Pucky ?"


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