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On-Line Ordering for sinks and faucets???

posted by: joyko on 06.22.2006 at 09:00 am in Kitchens Forum

Has anyone ever ordered online for faucets and sinks? I've looked at FAUCET DEPOT and their prices are unbelievable!!!
The Moen Aberdeen kitchen faucet in ORB is $100 cheaper than all the stores I've walked into and shopped! Also, the Silgranit sink by Blanco is much, much lower than stores in my area....
What do you think? It's been rated Best of the Web by Forbes for 2 years.....


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Learn from my mistake when you get your granite cut....

posted by: mskathyny on 06.25.2006 at 06:08 pm in Kitchens Forum

My granite (except for the island) was installed yesterday and a couple of things are not quite right. I'll learn to live with them and it's no disaster but I wish I'd remembered to be more careful in outlining things with the granite guy. For one thing, the sink cut out is exactly mid-way between the front and back of the countertop. I think it should be closer to the front. It's amazing how much difference an inch or two can make in the ergonomics of using the sink. With the sink placed 5" in from the edge, I find I have to lean just a little bit.... It would have been better 3 or 4" from the front. This placement more to the front would also have made more room for the faucet/soap dispenser.

The second issue was that I was casual in telling the granite guy on exactly where to place the soap dispenser. He cut the hole too close to the faucet hole. the faucet is Kohler Clairette (sp?) and it has a big base. The lever is intended to be mounted on the right but because the soap dispenser is so close it can't be done that way. Instead, he's mounted the lever in the front.
As I said, these are not really big deals and I'll get used to them in no time but it's a reminder to those of you getting your granite cut:

Make sure to specify precisely how much reveal, if any, you want (I did do this!)

Make sure to specify exactly where you want the faucet and any other cut outs. Check to be sure that all those parts will fit and operate in the space you've designated.

Make sure there's enough room between the backsplash and sink back for the faucets/soap dispensers, etc., to operate correctly. (Just a tiny bit closer to the backsplash and my faucet wouldn't have fit!)

Well tomorrow the range goes and in the island granite and I'll probably have another cautionary note for others by nightfall.


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Sinks From Galaxy Tool Supply???

posted by: jibe on 06.27.2006 at 01:42 pm in Kitchens Forum

Does anyone have experience buying Stainless Steel sinks from them. Any comments on the quality? Any problems? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks


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RE: To Do Checklist for Kitchen Renovation? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: ctaylors6 on 06.19.2006 at 06:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

We diy'd the kitchen except for electrician, vent duct, and stone countertops. (We didn't do vent duct because we have brick on outside of house; cost $150 for the pros to do that in about 1 hour -- totally worth it.) Here's the order we did it:

Finalize kitchen plan
Select new appliances (double oven, vent hood) and sink size -- didn't buy until little later, just wanted to make sure fit with cabinets at this point
Order cabinets
Select countertops
Buy sink and fixtures for sink

Demo'd kitchen
Electrician re-wired where necessary
Vent duct installed (including vent on outside house)
Added support in walls where cabinets would be hung (made hanging cabinets SO much easier later)
Took photos and video of walls before drywall went up
Insulation in
Drywall up, sanded and primed
Waited about 2 days so drywall dust completely settled then refinished hardwood floor (except for last coat topcoat)
Painted walls where cabinets would not cover
Installed cabinets
Countertop templated
Built wood surround for range hood liner
Last coat of topcoat on hardwoods
Countertops installed (including undermount sink)
Electrician back out to hook up fixtures, plugmold, etc.
Sink plumbing and gas cooktop hooked up.
Double oven delivered and installed
Pulls on cabinets
Installed molding around doors, windows.

Still need to:
tile behind cooktop
finish painting trim
finishing touches on cabinets (eg light rail & other trim)
touch up painting

Demo to finished cabinet installation was about 5 weeks. Then another 3 weeks until counters were installed. We demo'd on Oct 20 and had everything installed and hooked up by Dec 22. The knobs and trim and the other little stuff we've been doing slowly since then (no rush since kitchen was fully functional by xmas).

We waited to demo until we had all our cabinets in. I was worried that if we demo'd first, we'd end up waiting with unusuable kitchen for weeks. Also, before we demo'd I scheduled the electrician and countertop fabricators. We worked backward from those guys to set date that we demo'd. If you needed permits and inspections, don't forget to schedule those in advance too. I found that appliance installations didn't need much lead time.

Last summer as a "separate" project, we stripped all the wallpaper in the kitchen and painted. The wallpaper was only on 2 walls that don't have any cabinets so we could easily do that separately. At that time, we also moved a few ceiling cans and light fixtures around and painted the ceiling. Again, that was something we could do separately. DH can do a little electrical and did that part himself.


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Under cabinet TV /CD suggestions?

posted by: njcardsfan on 06.24.2006 at 02:56 pm in Kitchens Forum

I've seen those thin TV/CD players that fold upwards. Anyone know the good brands?


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RE: which range hood? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: mccall on 03.27.2006 at 04:44 pm in Appliances Forum

For a 36" with a grill you really should have a 42" hood but if you must do 36 be sure to go at least 1200cfm. Vent a hood is very good or KOBE. It should be mounted 30 to 36" from the top of your burner surface.


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Maybe off topic a little, range hood......

posted by: JCA1 on 11.16.2005 at 08:58 pm in Electrical Wiring Forum

Our house is in the rough-in stage. I'm wondering now about a range hood. Do these require any roughing in? If I pull a wire up the wall where the hood will be how high is typical? Do I just let the wire stick out of the sheetrock? Do I need a junction box or something? I guess brand and type of hood will affect this but I hope some of you are experienced with range hoods and can offer some advice.


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