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RE: Comfort Select Mattresses...would you recommend? (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: runninginplace on 08.18.2006 at 05:40 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Just to confuse you more :), I also have long had problems with achey hips and lately shoulders as well. I thought it was a side effect of getting older till I replaced my bed a few weeks ago. Evidently it was also a side effect of sleeping on an old, cheap too-firm mattress!

Anyway I recently bought a latex foam mattress/box spring and I LOVE THIS BED. The aches went away immediately and I'm sleeping much better overall. I've linked to information about it below; I bought the Stearns & Foster (Villa Como) version of the Sealy model in my quick link. It is just a wonderful sleeping experience. Latex evidently doesn't have the reputation for sleeping 'hot' as much as the tempurpedic types do. As a woman of a certain age...I don't need any more heat generated at night when I'm sleeping thankyouverymuch.

As for those forums they are very helpful. You can check out for a lot of information. There is also a mattress store owner who writes a Q&A column that you can access online. Sorry for the long link but it's well worth checking too, though it isn't searchable like the mattress forum. That is at

Good luck and one thing I'd strongly suggest is take your time and don't rush into a decision.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Fabulous New Bed


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Anyone buy blinds online?

posted by: mi_hawkeye on 05.23.2006 at 08:38 pm in Home Decorating Forum

I need to order faux wood blinds for our new home. I've ordered from in the past and been pleased. This time and have better prices on what I need. Anybody have any experience buying blinds online? Thanks!


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This rug is speaking to me... someone please interpret :-)

posted by: free_at_last on 07.12.2006 at 12:05 am in Home Decorating Forum

I keep thinking about this rug from the "O" place. I've never, ever bought a real rug before, so I'm a bit unsure-- but we have several rooms (master bedroom, living room, parlor, guest bedroom, dining room) that have to be decorated from the floor up and I keep thinking I should get this puppy and just make it work somewhere--trouble is, I'm Decorating Challanged so I don't have a clue what this rug is saying.

So please tell me: When you look at this rug, what do you see with it? Where would you use this and what type furniture, colors and paint would look nice? Maybe if someone with good taste can interpret, I can tell if this would work somewhere or other :-)

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also has link to "lowes" rug faq's and learning tutorial.
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