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RE: Fried/Baked Young Pumpkins (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: greenwitch on 04.07.2008 at 06:06 pm in Pumpkins Squash & Gourds Forum

This year I am growing Kumi Kumi, a Maori/New Zealand winter squash that is also traditionally used when young as a summer squash and has the added attraction of having hulless seeds.
I'm also trying a South American squash, Zapallito de Tronco, that came out first in a Master Gardener's trial for flavor and texture (round summer squash) I'm not sure what it's like when mature but I'll let a couple go to find out. It's extremely productive too.
I think I remember Trombocino d'Albenga (sp?) as being just as good when it gets mature as when it's smaller.


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