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RE: HAVE: 2013 Denton County Spring Swap (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: ruthz on 03.23.2013 at 07:37 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

I'm not sure I'll have much, but will start working on a list and add more later.
I have some pepper and flower seedlings.
I just need to get thru this little cold spell. I'll post names later, but the peppers are mostly hot with a few sweets ands a few ornamentals. No super hots.


Brugmansia cuttings rooted -(these are small) ( Darlene)
Canna Tropicana - limited, will dig on request
Coleus Peter Wonder sm. rooted cutting (1) (this looks dead, think the cold weather got it.)
Firespike (red) - odontonema strictum (3) (2 - freshair)(see picture below)
Garlic Chives (1) will dig by request
Ipomoea 'Maisugata' Japanese Morning glory seedlings
Grey morning glory seedlings
Passiflora foetida Corona de Cristo - (2) (abarbie)
Salvia - Mystic Spires blue (mine gets pretty tall) (5) (Carrie)
Tropical Milkweed - Asclepias curassavica (just 1 so far but may have more up before the swap) (abarbie)
Turks Cap Pink (1) (Carrie)
Zephyranthes grandiflora - Pink Rain Lily (1)

This is the pepper plants I hope to have for the swap

Ancho 101 - 1 (Carrie)
Early Jalapeno - 1 (Carrie)
Leutschauer Paprika - 2
Numex Jalmundo - 1 (Carrie)
Santa Fe Grande - 4 (1-Carrie)

Jimmy Nardello Italian - 1
Lipstick - 2 (1-Carrie)
Marconi Golden - 1
Marconi Purple - 2 (1-Carrie)
Melrose - 1
Peperone Rubens Lungo Rosso - 3 (1-Carrie)
Tolli’s Italian - 1 (Carrie)

Black Pearl - 1
Orange Peter Pepper - 1
Red Peter Pepper - 1

Tomato Jaune Flamme (Carrie)
Tomato JD's Special C-Tex (Carrie)
Tomato Punta Banda (Carrie)
Tomato Sun Gold (Carrie)


Black Pearl Pepper (remy)
Basella alba - Malabar Green Stem
Cardiospermum halicacabum - Love in a Puff vine
Clitoria ternatea Single White Butterfly Pea Vine
Lantana Orange/yellow (probably Lantana horrida)
Larkspur - mostly blue/purple single & double mixed
Pentapetes phoenicea Scarlet

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Hi Ruth,

If still available and not too late, I'd love one or two garlic chives and paprika plants! I have mint and lemon balm left.

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RE: HAVE: 2013 Denton County Spring Swap (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: carrie751 on 03.20.2013 at 10:22 am in Texas Gardening Forum

I could bring a cutting of Brown Turkey fig.........are you interested in this one???


Hi Carrie,

Does the Brown Turkey Fig actually produce figs? If so, I'd love to have one plant if it is not too late!

Would you care for photinia, mint or lemon balm?

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RE: HAVE: 2013 Denton County Spring Swap (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: ilovemyroses on 03.18.2013 at 11:15 am in Texas Gardening Forum

i have a five or ten (i'll attach pic when i figure out how) gallon Belinda's Dream rose for trade. (bought three, planted one, gave one to a friend, and have had this one in a large container for years, trying to decide where to plant it! I just don't need two of the same)

Am looking for DAY LILIES, no reds/yellow/orange "hot" colors, more interested in white, pink, purples "cooler" tones. No stella d'or.

probably have other roses, too. CAN give cuttings if the plant has enough maturity, check my list, but not rooted cuttings.


Hi ilovemyroses,

I'd love one or two roses if you have some left.

I do not have daylilies though. I have some potted photinia, mint, and lemon balm if you are interested.

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RE: Denton County Plant Swap (Follow-Up #24)

posted by: melvalena on 04.15.2012 at 06:19 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

Here's my list, short as it is.

Can dig/divide:
blue spider wort and stachys hummelo (wood betony ) if anyone wants either just let me know. These are not invasive in my shady bed.
red Autumn sage: salvia greggii seedlings.
I'll be digging them and tossing unless someone wants them potted up. They are still quite small.

I have some of what I think is mealy blue sage: strata
I looked all around the base and couldn't find a tag so I'm not sure exactly what it is. It has very light blue and whiteish flowers. Not the dark blue/purple. Its just under 3ft tall. I need to thin that area out, so if you want some, let me know and I'll pot it up for you.

Will be moving some Salvia Black and Blue: Salvia guaranitica --there will be starts of that available if you speak up, I'll pot it up.

5 very small fall blooming asters. They will grow fast once in the ground.

A few rooted shrimp plants that came from Carrie's house last fall.
I've decided to not haul pots around anymore, so I have lots of:
Rooted brugmansia cuttings.. not potted but labeled.

Plumaria cuttings, not potted or rooted. No names, one was yellow and one kinda pinkish/red. No idea which is which at this point.

I also have 2 Golden Celebration roses in ground that need new homes. We'll have to make arrangements to get them moved if anyone wants one or both. These on own root. Rooted for me many years ago.

One potted up Datmansia (a cross between moonflower bush and a brug--) I also have seedlings that I'll pitch if no one asks for one. Have tons of seeds for this as well.
It gets huge and needs full sun, but blooms like crazy and smells divine.

I'll list other things as I find them.


Hi Melvalena,

Is it too late to request:
1. one or two of your Golden Celebration roses,
2. blue salvia, and
3. plumeria?

Would you be interested in ground covers and climbers (english ivy, wintercreeper, honeysuckle, periwinkle)? Some are rooted cuttings in water, some will be just cuttings in water (with root hormone)? I am new to gardening, so I apologize for not having much to swap with you.


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