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RE: Speed Oven: Tell me Why you LOVE it... (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: sprtphntc on 04.20.2012 at 08:35 am in Appliances Forum

mojavean, love your ditty/poem!!!!

we also have the miele m/c and i agree with you moja, i love not having the dials, it is so easy clean and when u have teenagers....fill in the blank

we use ours every single day, multiple times and i have used it on multiple modes and have used the m/c modes and have been really pleased with it. this oven does it all!!!

would buy again in a heartbeat..

one thing it does not do well, toasts. you have to use the broil feature and flip whatever u are toasting. we are not big on toasting, usually just on weekends, so not a big deal here. we do have a 2 slice toaster that i put in cab and we do have a toaster oven and microwave downstairs in laundry room that we use occasionally. these were leftover from remodel and what was used when we had no appliances in kitchen...

go with the miele, you won't be disappointed!!!!


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