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brick appropriate for old southern homes

posted by: vancleaveterry on 02.15.2008 at 08:20 am in Building a Home Forum

Does anyone have a suggestion for brick that looks antebellum? I drive around but don't quite see what I want.

Any pics would be very appreciated.

Thanks Terry


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What do you wish you had done differently?

posted by: robynpa on 07.29.2007 at 10:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hopefully nothing but if there is anything that you wish you had done differently when going though the kitchen renovation or after it was completed please tell.


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Best advice from this forum

posted by: justadncr on 07.14.2007 at 08:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

I was just thinking about what all I have learned from this forum and was trying to think of what was the most valuable advice.

I really think it was the advice to actually lay the kitchen out on the ground outside with all the measurements and walk around it to see if it felt right.
For me it was much better than plans on paper. I took my measurements and scraps of wood and laid them out in the various plans I had come up with.

My husband thought I was crazy standing out there pretending I was cooking and getting stuff out of the frig and such.

Of course I learned many, many more things but this helped the most.
What about you all?


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Kerdi Shower

posted by: mongoct on 11.17.2007 at 11:35 am in Bathrooms Forum


There are ways and there are ways. This post shows a couple of ways to do it.

Shower is a walk-in, about 5' by 7'. Door is at a 45 degree angle.

Walk in to the shower and on the short wall to the immediate right are two supply valves, the lower one supplies the wall mounted handheld, the upper supplies an overhead 12" rainshower head.

Moving counterclockwise from that wall, the long wall on the right is on an exterior wall, nothing but tile.

The short back wall has a 2-shelf niche, about 36" wide and 30" tall. The lower niche space is 15" high, the shelf itself is 4" thick, the upper niche space is 11" high.

The last wall, the long wall to the left as you enter, has the wall-mounted hand-held. If I recall, the sliding bar is 40" tall.

Tile backer? I prefer cement board on the walls. Wonderboard or Durock. I used Wonderboard on these walls. The ceiling and niche is done in Hardie, as Hardie is less brittle so for me it's easier to cut into narrow strips to trim out the niche, and not as prone to snapping when installing full sheets overhead.


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Bath Linens

posted by: nataliets on 12.18.2007 at 02:11 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Where can I buy really luxury bath linens? But I mean luxury... Not from BB&B, Target or Macy's. I heard that Abyss from Portugal is very good. Thanks


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Do you have an access hatch? Whirlpool/Airtub baths

posted by: tsdiver on 08.20.2007 at 12:58 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I need to start getting ideas on how to cover the deck for our drop in whirlpool/air combo tub. One item I have to consider is how to design the access hatch for the heater and pump. This tub will sit in an alcove, so the access will be from the long side and in direct view.

I have seen a picture of a natural stone slab top with what looked like wood sides. My guess is that one of the wood panels acted as the access hatch. We are thinking of using tile to cover the deck of the tub, but we are unsure of the side.

Can you tell me (or show me?) what you did? I sure would appreciate it!


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