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The secret is 4" of soil

posted by: RyseRyse_2004 on 01.12.2014 at 04:17 pm in Winter Sowing Forum

I have been doing this for many years and now realize the best success is with containers where you can have 4" of Pro-Mix or seed starter. Anything less is a problem because you have to constantly monitor the moisture in the container.

4" of soil is easy if you are using milk jugs. The salad containers allow for 4" of soil but aren't deep enough to allow for the seedlings to grow without removing the top. When you remove the tops, you have to worry about keeping them moist.

Just my thought here.


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Saving Seed from Heirloom Vegetables

posted by: anovelhomestead on 01.02.2014 at 10:41 pm in Seed Saving Forum

Hi, there :).

I'm really interested in growing heirloom vegetables, but I'm worried about my plants cross pollinating. We had our first garden this year and I grew three different types of heirloom pole beans. I planted them in different mounds with corn stalks as their trellis, but after doing a bit of research I'm worried they may have been cross pollinated. Is this possible?

I also read pepper plants can become cross pollinated as well. The main solutions seem to be either planting the different varieties 500' apart or use some type of bagging device to prevent insects from pollinating them. This seems like a whole lot of work. I'm mainly interested in growing heirloom seeds because I love the idea of preserving a part of history and saving my own seeds to pass on to other avid gardeners. It seems a bit disheartening to realize saving true heirloom seeds may be pretty difficult.

I guess I'm just curious how other heirloom seed savers combat cross pollination. I may be over thinking this a bit, but I guess it's disheartening to think I may not be saving heirloom seeds.

Thanks for any advice!!


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Special Instructions for the Exchange

posted by: chemocurl on 01.29.2011 at 12:06 am in Seed Exchange Forum

Because the Garden Web link to the Special Instructions for the Exchange is malfunctioning, they are posted in bold below. Additionally, there are links at the bottom of this post to other threads that might be of help to someone new to The Seed Exchange. If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them to this thread, or else to start a new thread on the (Off-Topic) Conversations Side of The Seed Exchange.

Special Instructions for Exchanges:
* This area is for the purpose of exchanging seeds or plants of the type covered by this forum.

* The exchanges were created to facilitate the arranging of trades of plants and seeds between members. Please do not use them to solicit donations, ask for free plants or seeds, or ask for items in exchange for postage. All requests must be in the context of arranging a trade. If you have nothing to offer at this time, please wait until you do.
If you do not have anything to trade at this time, you are however welcome to respond to the many generous 'offers' of seeds for postage. These can be found by looking for posts that say seeds are available for sase, sasbe, beap, free, newbies, etc. Some posts will state that they are looking for trades, but will also consider sending seeds for postage.

* All exchanges are restricted to users from a particular country, region or state. If it isn't indicated otherwise, the exchange is restricted to residents of the U.S. To find an exchange for your location, check the exchange index.

* Each post must have a type of trade, subject and a message.
Additionally, Seeds for postage offers are also permitted, ie BEAP, SASBE, SASE, free, etc.

* Trading is done at user's discretion. Garden Web has no control or responsibility over trades arranged here. Keep in mind some traders may let you down, so it might be wise to keep your initial trade with someone limited to smaller items.
Before arranging a trade, you may want to check for reviews on the member at The Rate and Review Forum. To search the forum for the member's review thread(s), use the Search box found just below the list of threads on page one of the forum.

* Messages addressed to or meant for particular users should be sent via email and are not allowed in the exchanges.
If for some reason you are not able to reach a member, ie emails are bouncing, emails are not being responded to, or you have lost the member's email address and they have no email link, you can make a post looking for the member on the Conversation side of the forum. A link to (off topic) Conversations can be found at the top of the list of threads here on the main page (page 1) on the Discussion (Exchange) side. Often other members will be experiencing the same problems, or can share what information they have about the members sickness, family emergency, on vacation, computer problems, etc.

* If you have trouble with another person coming through with their end of a trade, you must deal with it privately. It is the consensus of the forum users that this type of thing be kept out of our forums. Any public accusation in this forum, or elsewhere at GardenWeb, will result in the accuser being banned.
Please use the Rate & Review Forum to post the details of the transaction.

* To avoid problems when shipping across borders and some state lines, it is best to ship plants bare-rooted and to label the container as such. It is up to the users involved to determine what is legal and what is not.

* This forum is for the purpose of exchanging material, there should be no need to mention money in any postings. If money is mentioned, the posting will be considered an advertisement and the poster will be banned.

* Trading of patented material is unlawful and is strictly forbidden.

###################################################################### ###############


Do you have a Member Page email link so that you can easily be reached?
Do you have your Member Trade List filled out, even if it is only for seeds that you are looking for? Do you know why that is often important?
Do you know how to look for, how to respond to, and the customary requirements of Seeds for Postage Offers?
This thread, "Addressing newbie and newer member issues" covers those things as well as some other 'good to know' information.

Present First Class Mailing Costs for Bubble Envelopes (BE) along with the dimensions of a Large Envelope and Parcels.

Please feel free to post any questions or concerns here if you like.

Once this thread slips down on the page, please feel free to assist in keeping it bumped up near the top of the page where it will best be noticed.

Happy trading, sharing and gardening!


Below are links to some forums or threads that might be helpful or that you might find entertaining.

Winter Sowing Forum Check out the link to the FAQ at the top of the page there to find out what it's all about.

Seed Saving Forum There are no FAQ for the forum, but you can search the forum for a particular seed by using the Search box found just below the list of threads on page one there

10 Most Frequently Asked (FAQ) questions

Do you check the box to get follow-ups emailed to you?

Newbie question and answer thread!:)

Another post for new members to read

Needing everyones input! :)

Seed Virgins-Who was your first enabler?

Organizing your seeds

How do you keep all your seeds organized??!! can't have too much input or too may suggestions on organizing your seeds, imho.

How do you organize your seeds? can never be too organized...

How do you organize your seeds?!...and yet more ways to get organized.

New members please read!:)

(You) Know you're addicted to Seed Exchanges...when...

I need an intervention.... another thread covering this 'seed addiction'.

Suggestion-Don't forget the new Rate and Review forum

Seed bombs....if you end up with more seeds than you can grow or share.

I got busted seed snagging this week.....written by a seed addict.

No email link on members pages-no way to email them

Do you put your best seeds on your tradelist?

Hi! My name is Sue.....we admit we are totally addicted to seeds and plants and trading, and enabling...

Curious about reusing SASBE (BUBBLE ENVELOPES)

Fewer than 25 seeds???

List your favorite free paper seed packet websites

Do you ever admit how many seeds you have?

If anyone else has any links to forums or threads they would like to add here, please feel free to so.


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