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RE: Dryer Static (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: grainlady on 06.08.2008 at 07:15 pm in Laundry Room Forum

We recently had a good discussion on the subject, but didn't find it. Lots of ideas.

#1. You are over-drying man-made fabrics in the mixed load.

#2. A quick spritz of water into the dryer load and a quick toss or two on "air dry" will eliminate much of the static.

#3. You can also toss a damp washcloth into the mix to reduce the static from over-dried clothes.

#4. I rarely use the dryer (absolutely no static when you line dry), but things that tend to cause static I remove early while still damp and hang on a hanger to finish air drying. I also try to use natural fabrics as much as possible.



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