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RE: Things you couldn't live without or wish you had added (Follow-Up #19)

posted by: chisue on 07.06.2007 at 12:17 pm in Building a Home Forum

luckymom23 -- We live on our screened porch in the summer. It's in the angle between our breakfast room and DR; french doors from each room open onto it; has cathedral ceiling w/skylight in east slant to keep interior rooms from feeling dark in winter.

Our carpenter built the medicine cabinets. Get a framed mirror the size you want. Build a deep "box" to recess into the wall. Mirror the back of the box. Put elec. outlet in box. Hinge your mirror to cover the box & add magnet "latch". You can mirror the back of the cover mirror if you want.

Our carpenter also built our "carriage" garage doors by overlaying cheap three-panel flat-front ones with decorative strips of wood. Doors are rectangles, but slide up under curved exteriors, so they appear to be archtops.
Be sure to undercut decorative pieces along the "folds" so they will not show when the door is closed. You may need a more powerful closer due to the added weight.

Have your wood floor guy buy a couple of extra bundles of wood. Throw out the short pieces (or save for firewood). You'll have nicer-looking, non-"patchwork" floors.

klabio -- Agree w/you. We NEVER use the three body sprays in our master shower.


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