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For those of you with Verde me off the ledge!!!!

posted by: cawfeegirl on 01.27.2010 at 12:01 am in Kitchens Forum

My cabinets will be Maple Toffee (not my actual cabs, click pic to enlarge):

From Drop Box

We chose Verde Peacock on Monday for our granite. So, I came home with a small sample of it but started Googling images of it to see pics of it with maple cabs. Most of the pictures I came across, I was happy with but I DID come across some where the Peacock looked emerald-y. It scared me!!! I dont want a GREEEEN look...I chose it because it was very similar to Uba Tuba but with larger flecks in it.
Now Im getting nervous and am starting to look at Tropical Brown!! But Im sure the TB will be too bland with these cabinets, right?
Tell me your Verde Peacock isnt emerald-y green!!


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Cabinet collapse leads to new kitchen! need granite help!!!!

posted by: amhers104 on 08.06.2012 at 07:06 pm in Kitchens Forum

A month ago my 13 yar old Homecrest cabinet collapsed off wall... breaking everything in it, and damaging the Formica countertop and our hardwood floors. Insurance settled with us so we are redoing the kitchen... even though I have already gone over budget. Just ordered Schrok maple cabinets- Morgan door style painted in Coconut finish (off white). We are upgrading to granite and have narrowed it down to the ever popular Uba Tuba, Peacock or Steel Pearl. Right now the kitchen is painted in Benjamin More Dorset Gold, but will probably repaint kitchen. Thinking Fern Green if i go with Steel Gray granite. Monroe Bisque if i go with Uba Tuba or Peacock. I do like the Peacock green granite but afraid it may look to busy with the lighter pieces within the granite. Does anyone have any of the mentioned granite in their kitchens with white or off white cabinets. Would be so helpful to see pictures!!!! and what color wall apint works. i have a u shaped kitchen with the eating are opened to a 24 x 38 family room painted in Old Salem Gray (which is a darker historical color green). The other kitchen wall abutts the dining room which is painted a dark burgundy color- not sure of the name. We have bisque appliances right now but will be upgrading to stainless steel.
Going crazy trying to visualize the different granites actually in the kitchen. I have aleady been to granite yard and like all three granites! Making decisions is definitely one of my weaknesses.
Any suggestions, advice or pics would be greatly appreciated! !!!! :)


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RE: what gauge stainless steel sink? (Follow-Up #16)

posted by: jacobsmishpacha on 01.30.2008 at 09:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

We just bought this double 16 gauge SS sink at for $450. We are very pleased.

Here is a link that might be useful: 16 gauge double sink

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RE: what gauge stainless steel sink? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: sherilynn on 01.20.2008 at 11:32 am in Kitchens Forum

FYI: about any stainless steel sink. I recently had a huge compliment from my brother, a builder of high end homes. He was very impressed at how good my sink always looks. He is not a fan at ALL with SS. He prefers porcelain, which chips.

I asked him why he was so impressed with my sink and hates SS? It was because he has had to replace multiple high end sinks before closing because a workman or someone would have used a new homeowners SS sink and caused a 'scratch' in the bottom of the sink. The new homeowners would insist on a brand new sink before they would close.We all know that we can tolerate the damage that we do to our stuff, but not anyone else! When you spend well over a $1,000 to $1,800 for a sink, of COURSE you want it to be unblemished!

Well, I told him my 'secret' to keeping my 12" deep single basin Franke sink looking good. I've used this 'method' on ALL of my sinks and I just love it! My sink glows because of the 'patina' that it now has...and yours can, too. The finish looks better each time you use my method, too.

I use my sink! I also have a large family that I cook for and use some commercial size, heavy pans. Guests sometimes want to help in the kitchen, or teens, and they bang up the bottom, scratching the sink, and it will look just awful when they're done. They always apologize because they think they've ruined my sink. Never fear. I can 'fix' it in as little as 3 minutes from start to finish.

I've now trained my teens on how to help me maintain a good looking sink. AND if they scratch it, they restore it! It's that simple.

Here's what I do. About every other day, I use Bar Keepers Friend and one of the green scrubby pads that you can buy just about anywhere. It will keep average use to your sink 'maintained' between 'restoration' cleanings.

When there are scuffs and deeper scratches in the sink, I use sandpaper to wet-sand the metal in different grades of paper to restore the sinks. I prefer the black 'wet or dry' sandpaper by Norton that you buy at HD. I already have about 3" squares in multiple grades already cut out and in a baggy under my sink, so I'm ready when I need to 'do this'.

I start with about 150 grit working on the problem areas when I get to them, then work up to at least a 400 grit. I use small circular pattern and overlap all of my work. I never just 'rub' a scuff or scratch in a straight pattern; I always blend my work.

I start in the furthest back left corner and work across the back of the sink moving left to right, just as you would work if you were writing on lined paper. I do the entire sink bottom, then move to the sides. I start with 150 grit paper, then change to 220, then 320, then 400. I rinse the sink after each grit paper is used. Sometimes I use a little soap or BKF depending on my needs so I can move faster with the paper. Once you try it, you will understand what I mean.

I finish off with a good soapy rinse with a rag, then apply a 'finish' of Franke Inox cleaner or a wiping coat of vegetable oil. I have even used Rain-X to help repel spots. I'm just out of it right now and have been using up products I have under the sink. I use 'whatever' to just help the sink repel water right down the drain a.s.a.p..

My brother now had one of his guys using my method on their Franke sinks before final walk thru before closing on a new home. Guess what? They're not having to replace sinks anymore.

After you clean your sink a few times, your sink will start to gain a beautiful patina and smoothness to the finish and you will start to love stainless steel. I also use this method on my $10,000 Thermador Range top. It glows. I just love it.


cleaning method
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what gauge stainless steel sink?

posted by: pattyk on 01.19.2008 at 05:45 pm in Kitchens Forum

I will be getting a double bowl stainless steel sink..what gauge should i be getting? the higher the number means what?


gauge sink
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Frigidaire kitchen appliances?

posted by: Nannajoe on 08.19.2011 at 04:49 pm in Appliances Forum

We shopped for a new range and refrigerator at 4 different locations, and chose "what seemed to be" a best buy in Frigidaire French Door refrigerator (no water ice in door) and an electric range w/convection oven combo. They're the Gallery version with the stainless steel finish that doesn't get fingerprints easily. They look really high end, but...when we got home I began researching the brand as we have never purchased Frigidaire before.
We have normally used GE and Whirlpool, but we preferred the looks and price of the Frigidaire. I read several poor reviews on the Whirlpool so we decided to avoid them. Now I'm fretting, thinking we should make a change before they're delivered on Monday.
Have any of you had good-bad experiences with the newer models from Frigidaire? What are your thoughts?


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