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WANTED: Heirloom seeds, Peas or Beans

posted by: american_gardener on 10.22.2007 at 03:40 pm in Heirloom Plants & Gardens Forum

Hello all...
I'm still a newbie here.. but i would like to make a request.

I would love to find some heirloom seeds, especially Peas or Beans since that is what i want to trade for this deal.
Only reason i'm requesting peas or beans is cause of the weight of shipping. I figure it should be equal for both parties.

What i would like to trade are from about 100 pea varieties that i trialed this last season. Unfortunately we had a severe drought here and early in the season so none of my varieties performed anywhere near what their potential should be. But it was enough for me to find out which i would like to save for next year and which i would like to trade for something else. Also cause of this terrible weather i didn't get to save as many of any variety as i would have liked. In case you are wondering, all my varieties were isolated by at least 50 ft and i used staggered plantings so that rarely were more than 4 or 5 varieties blooming at the same time. Other than that i did no other measures to ensure against cross pollination. But i feel fairly confident most if not all will be genetically pure.

Rather than list my peas on my trade list, i will give you an idea of which ones i would like to swap here:
Amrilissimo Hamisepp (Estonia)
Aspen (Us)
Bolero (US)
Cupido (Netherlands)
Delicate Earliest (US)
Early Abundant (US)
Earligreen (Canada)
Fortuna (netherlands)
Frisky (US)
Ho Laan Tau - Round Yellow (US)
Kiflica (Yugoslavia)
Red Flower No 1 (Malaysia)
Signal (US)
Spirit (US)
Sundance (US)
Sweet Green (US)
Swinger (US)
Trifect (US)
White Flower No.2 (Malaysia)
Worlds Record (US)

Ok those are the one's i'd like to get rid of. Nothing wrong with most of em.. it's just not what i was looking for. I would really love to find new snap peas, and especilly hoping to find some more chinese snow peas. For most of these i'd only have a couple hundred seeds so what i'm hoping is that you could send an equal amount of seed as i send you. If you'd like to trade much more of say your favorite variety for a couple or even several different variety's of mine that would be ok too.

I'd be glad to consider any trades for anything that's not already on my trade list. Hopefully the postage costs would equal out between the two of us. Again especially looking for Pea, bean, and possibly corn swaps for my peas.

Thanks for reading...

Oh.. and if you email me, leave me at least a note here telling me so.. otherwise i may not find your email for months.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's what i already have


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HAVE: Tomato seed mix

posted by: american_gardener on 10.22.2007 at 06:22 am in Growing Tomatoes Forum

Hello all...

Just got done reading disneynuts post where he offered an heirloom tomato mix for SASE.

I suppose i could do just about the same thing.. i have thousands of seeds that somehow or another got mixed up. Every time a seed gets dropped, sticks to a screen or i just forgot what it was i threw them into a mixed up seed bag. If i drop one on the floor.. and i don't watch it the whole way down... it gets tossed into the mix. Over the last few months that bag has gained a considerable amount of weight.

There is nothing wrong with any of these seeds, they are perfectly good.. it's just that if i can't positively 100% guarantee that it's the variety i say on the labels, i'd just as soon throw it out. The last thing i want is for anyone to get a mistake.

That's why i'm gonna make this offer... if you send me a couple of your tomato seeds of any variety, dosen't matter which one, as few or as many as you want, along with a SASE or SASBE i will send you back at least ten times the amount you sent in exchange.

Now the only reason i'm asking you send me some is because i just don't have the time to be filling a whole bunch of envelopes outta the kindness of my heart. Wish i did, but i don't. I think this offer is more than fair.

If you are wondering what varieties you could expect in the mix just take a look at my trade list. Any tomato varieties i bred and harvested this year could be in that bag... and i bred 300 varieties!

Anyone who's interested.. just leave me a message here. I don't like running back and forth to my email. Leave me a message and i'll send you my address from here. Simple as that!

Thanks for reading...

Here is a link that might be useful: Mix comes from tomatoes havested this year


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WANTED: Another Newbie looking for trades

posted by: american_gardener on 10.18.2007 at 07:58 am in Seed Exchange Forum

Hi all...
I just joined today and i would love to trade with anyone.

I am mostly interested in vegetables. I grow a 3 acre garden every year for fresh market sales and i am always looking for new varieties. And it wouldn't hurt to have a few flowers around the yard either.

Right now i don't have much in the way of fresh seeds.. just a few tomato and pepper varieties that i am harvesting and cleaning now. I do have a ton of leftover 2007 seeds of most of my other veggies that i grew this year, which should still be good, but as far as my own seed I'm only saving tomato, pepper and cukes.

I put a short list of just tomatoes on the exchange for now and i will get around to listing the peppers and cukes as soon as they become ready. I'm sure i'll be doing alot of updating in the next couple weeks.

If anyone is interested in anything i have to offer or would do a trade for SASE, or even if you'd just like to say hi.. i would love to hear from you.

I would welcome any offers


Just checking out how this works
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WANTED: more than a few! tomato seed swap

posted by: american_gardener on 10.21.2007 at 11:54 pm in Growing Tomatoes Forum

Ok.. here's the deal!

I grow literally thousands of tomato plants each season and i would like to make some trades for seeds in quantities i can really use. When i start my seeds i like to plant a minimum of half a flat of each variety (65 cells).
When i grow for breeding i like to have a minimum of 10 plants of any one variety.
What i have available to trade is probably over 50 lbs of tomato seeds if you add up all the varieties i have.

So my request is for trades of over 100 seeds and/or for more than one variety at a time. If you only have one or two varietys, but you got alot of them and you want 20 of mine, i would be glad to break mine down into smaller packets. Just don't go crazy on me. Vice Versa if you have alot of varietys and you only have enough for say 20 seeds each but you want 200 of one variey of mine.. that's fine too.

Now the reasoning for this is simple.. economics. It costs me as much to send a bubble mailer with 10 seeds in it as it does to send one with 5,000. It takes a fair amount of time to package, label, and mail the seeds. It takes the same amount of time and effort to do 10 seeds as it does to do 10,000. And I'm a frugal basstard.

And I always like to have extra just in case of a crop failure due to weather. That way i would have some in reserve for the next season without having to go looking again for that variety. Or say if it was a trial plant and i didn't save seed one year.. i'd at least have enough to do a larger planting the second year.

I hope you can all understand my logic here.

Now i'm willing to consider any trades that are worth the effort. Since i'm new here I'm sure some of you may not trust me yet... you will! I'd be willing to ship my end of the trades first. When you receive the package, i'd expect you to send your end. Simple as that.

For this offer i would like to keep it tomato for tomato swaps. Anyone wishing to make other trades say peppper for pepper or anything for whatever I'd be glad to consider anything. Let's just try to make it worth the time, effort and postage costs.

And please, if you email me.. leave me a message here so i can go check my inbox... there are times when i haven't checked my email in months.

Thank you all for looking...

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's my trade list so far.. still working on it


No notes.. Just wanted to see what this was and how it works
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