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Some before and after showing growth so far

posted by: AquaEyes on 06.13.2013 at 11:41 am in Antique Roses Forum

The "after" shots were taken on June 2, and with all the rain we've been having in my area, there's even more growth as of today (two weeks later). If it wasn't raining right now, I'd go out and take some more pics. And I should really do the whole bunch, since the few below aren't even the most dramatic differences since the bands came.

Bear in mind these are just iPhone shots, and are just meant for reference. I'll be thinking about buying a real camera eventually.



'Sweet Chariot' arrived May 1, potted in 1-gal
 photo SweetChariotMay1_zpsd01f2577.jpg

'Sweet Chariot' as of June 2
 photo SweetChariotJune2_zpsef40eb41.jpg

'Lyda Rose' arrived May 1, potted in 2-gal
 photo LydaRoseMay1_zpsaad7ef03.jpg

'Lyda Rose' as of June 2
 photo LydaRoseJune2_zps3e9ff16f.jpg

'Baltimore Belle' arrived April 26, potted in 2-gal
 photo BaltimoreBelleApril26_zpsb597d498.jpg

'Baltimore Belle' as of June 2 (with tree branch in pot for support)
 photo BaltimoreBelleJune2_zpse9d4a6ec.jpg

'Jaune Desprez' arrived April 26, potted in 2-gal
 photo JauneDesprezApril26_zpscf3a3a72.jpg

'Jaune Desprez' as of June 2 -- see the shoot rising above the first "e" in "Desprez? That shoot is thicker than a pencil, and currently over 12" long. There are also two twigs stuck in the pot for support.
 photo JauneDesprezJune2_zps4cceea8d.jpg


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RE: Keeping my rose from taking a walk (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: fig_insanity on 01.25.2013 at 01:25 pm in Antique Roses Forum

Hi Kitty,

I don't grow Charles Lawson, but I do grow a lot of galloping gallicas. There are some that I wanted in places where I could NOT allow them to rampage, so I experimented with bamboo barrier. It works like a dream. It's a headache to install, since the hole has to be at least 28" deep (and as large a circumference as you want the rose to grow), but none of my roses has escaped. I did have a problem with drainage in one place, and had to move the rose, but other than that, it has worked great. One side effect is that when you do water, the barrier retains every drop and directs it downward. Those gallicas are more lush than any others I grow!
I don't know if you have the room and the back muscles to install the barrier now on a mature plant, but it does work, at least here, with gallicas, under completely different growing conditions, lol.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bamboo Barrier


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Need Advice- Most Heat Tolerant OGR Class or Top Roses

posted by: desertgarden561 on 07.09.2013 at 01:11 am in Antique Roses Forum

I would like to plant roses in my front yard, mixed with shrubs and perennials. I am searching for a small white rose bush and a larger light pink rose bush; about 2-3' tall but the same in width or wider and a 4-5' rose, the same in width or wider respectively. I do not want the OGR's to die and I do not care if they go on hiatus from Mid June until September as they bloom for 5-6 of the 8-9 month growing season. I am looking for OGR's classes or specific roses that can survive 100+ degree temperatures. I do not care for the Noisette class as many of the roses are cream or yellow, and in general, based upon what I have seen, do not have the form I prefer. I adore the look of Austin's Princess Alexandia of Kent, Therese Bugnet, ALM, Golden Celebration, Excellenz von Schubert. Any suggestions you can provide will be appreciated. Unfortunately I thought I had my roses for this section selected, but now am questioning how well Marie Pave would do in my heat.


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Golden Celebration growing against a wall - advice

posted by: Annalyssa on 07.04.2013 at 08:27 am in Antique Roses Forum

I'm new to growing roses and feel like I've just dived into a very deep pool....I've fallen completely in love though and my first purchase, the one that started it all, was a pair of Golden Celebrations which I chose for a couple of spots in front of the house which in retrospect may not have been the best choice, but for now I want to try to see if it works out.

They both seem really happy, have doubled in size in the few months I've had them (around when the photos were taken), and have been flowering continuously.

I'm in Tuscany, outside of Florence and this spot gets morning and early afternoon sun. They are flanked by two old huge Jasmine plants that will eventually get a bit of a trim and trained because right now they are out of control.

My question mainly is about how I should treat the plants. I've read on this forum that GC could/should be treated as a short climber, and since I have them here against a wall/stone railing, maybe that could be a good solution?

Right now the thin canes are reaching out toward the sun and droop with the heavy blooms so that they look down and you hardly get to appreciate them. Should I be tying them to stakes?

Thank you!


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If You Could Choose Only One Climbing Rose...

posted by: amelie325 on 07.09.2013 at 12:19 pm in Antique Roses Forum

...what would it be?
I've been researching the crap out of climbers lately, with plans to encase (a-hem, I mean, neatly line) a brick wall--garage, 3 sides total) with roses. I bought 4 this year for the longest part of the wall (and the one that faces totally in my garden) and am considering ones for the two outside smaller ends of the brick wall/garage.
Any who, what characteristics do you look for in climbing rose? I'm interested in *your* favorite climber :) and why!


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nastiest rose I have EVER seen.

posted by: campanula on 12.17.2011 at 10:27 am in Antique Roses Forum

Once again, someopne mentioned Paul Neyron as a candidate for their garden. While I fully appreciate there are gardens and gardens (soil, climate etc), I have to say that even after seeing some absolute dogs (stripey things, I am afraid are totally on my hate list even though I have one...but that's another story)....the very worst, most ungraceful disease ridden rose I have ever seen in my life was a hatefully huge specimen of this horrid rose. Yes, I know there are many who love gigantic blowsy things but the rust, the BS, the mildew - this rose had them all. Ugly, ugly leaves, dismally floppy heads of a grim pink (with lots of brown curly bits). Ugh, feeling ill just recalling it. Strawberry - this rose ought to come with a health and sanity warning.


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Thoughts on Centifolias?

posted by: amelie325 on 07.15.2013 at 02:28 pm in Antique Roses Forum

I'm curious what anyone's (esp. in mid-atlantic/northeast region--but in general, really) experience with centifolias has been like? It's a class I don't know much about, aside from some cursory internet research. Are the finicky, easy, etc? Sad to say none of my friends/relatives are that into roses, certainly nothing as fanciful as OGR, so I have no frame of reference for so much what's-it that is "roses", lol!


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