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RE: groundcover for shade, that you can walk on? (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: amaryllis52 on 02.09.2013 at 12:05 am in Florida Gardening Forum

If you were to trim the oaks (an arborist could do some light pruning) and let in some light shade, as an option, you would have Florida native Frog-fruit or Phylnodiflora. It gets 4 inches high and takes sun to partial shade. At that point, with partial shade, you would also have Perennial Peanut as a possibility, though I do not know its exact light requirements: it states full sun to partial shade.

But if that is not on the table for consideration, then the plants should be able to tolerate full shade. Oregano can be planted in the shade and gets 6 inches high, though I do not know how much foot traffic it can withstand.


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Narrow tall nonflowering privacy shrub: narrow Florida sideyard

posted by: amaryllis52 on 02.08.2013 at 11:06 pm in Shrubs Forum

Hi everyone! I am looking for suggestions for tall, narrow shrubs which can be used in a privacy hedge in a narrow sideyard along a backyard fenceline (between neighbors) -- plants that naturally grow in a narrow, tall fashion and that do not attract bees or wasps (thus nonflowering, or as close to nonflowering as I can get!) If not nonflowering, I'll take some suggestions that have low flowering perhaps once a year, but nothing overly prolific with flowers (as in, nothing that continually blooms).

"Tall" defined as nothing under 6 feet, though 8 feet would be nice, and anything higher is okay, although I think ideally I'd like to stop at 12 feet.

The plant choices need to be able to go into Zone 10 in the Southeast, in Florida. I am looking at native and non-native.

The reason I am looking for the shrub to be in a naturally narrow shape is that I do not have a lot of help, and I have enough trouble keeping a large viburnum in check. So I do not want to put anything in that I have to worry about it spreading over time.

I am also looking for something that is pest- and disease-resistant, as that would be an added plus, as I wouldn't want it to easily die.

The lighting conditions are: I have one side of the house that is a west exposure that at certain times of day gets full sun and partial sun depending on the time. Somewhere around mid day or afternoon on, it gets full sun. In the summer, this is sweltering.

On the east side of the house, there is not quite as much heat, but still some full sun conditions and also partial shade conditions. I may plant a larger tree on this side as well, but I have not decided about that yet.

At this point I am considering shrub plants which can handle full sun and partial shade. I am in Hardiness Zone 10, Heat Zone 9.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions! :)


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