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First foray into a water feature

posted by: amanda_m on 03.04.2013 at 10:21 pm in Ponds & Aquatic Plants Forum

For years I have said that I wanted a water feature, a fountain or small pool. Finally, I have taken the first step. I purchased, off craigslist, a small pond liner for $30.
It is about 36 inches across, and 20 inches deep and appears to be made of fiberglass. It looks like that, sort of like a fiberglass boat. It is light colored.
Most pond liners I see at the stores are black. Is it okay to use this as is or should I paint it?
Do more experienced water gardeners have any ideas for especially good online resources for learning how to build myself a small pond with fountain?


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The Layered Garden

posted by: amanda_m on 02.27.2013 at 02:24 pm in Mid-Atlantic Gardening Forum

I am reading (and obsessively looking at the pictures in) the book The Layered Garden by David L. Culp.

The thing I love, love, love about this book is that his garden is in Pennsylvania, about two hours from me (I'm in Baltimore) and it's fantastic to see what can be done in a middlish-Atlantic garden.

So many of the garden blogs and garden books I look at are from California or the PNW, and I get so crazed looking at things they can grow there (citrus in the front yard!) that isn't going to grow here. Sometimes I find myself feeling bitter against the "other coast." And then I see this amazing garden right, so close, and I think, "I can grow those!"

Has anyone else read it?


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What's blooming outside in your area now (winter?)

posted by: purpleinopp on 12.30.2012 at 03:26 pm in Southern Gardening Forum

Vinca (periwinkle)
wax Begonias
knockout roses


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