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Plantation Shutters????

posted by: scrookston on 04.03.2013 at 01:39 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

We have many window treatments to get and my husband is saying that he would like to make plantation shutters. I haven't really seen them in a house other than in a bathroom years ago. Wondering if people like them, the pros and cons. Would appreciate seeing pictures anyone can share of what theirs look like. Also, we have a combination of white woodwork and darker oak stained on the main floor. The basement is all stained woodwork. Would it look funny from the outside if the shutters were white main floor and dark below? Actually in basement I think I might go with wooden blinds? Suggestions, pictures, etc. appreciated. I'll attach some pics to help you give me advice. The larger windows are 8' across. Back of house main floor I don't plan to use blinds or shutters except on the dining rm deck windows.
SE side of house dr window below fr photo IMG_0676_zpsc846b75e.jpg
Main floor front of house br photo IMG_0310_zps2eb58ab9.jpg
Front of house br window left lr right photo IMG_0118_zpsb2eeb47d.jpg
Looking from kit. to din/lvng room photo IMG_0813_zpsc001a1aa.jpg


I think plantation shutters would be a wonderful solution for your windows. The larger louvers allow for plenty of light and visibility. I am glad you selected wood over composite. Your home is too lovely for plastic shutters. If you need inspiration, check out some photos below.
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Interior / Plantation Shutters in Florida / hot climates

posted by: seegaye on 10.19.2012 at 09:54 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

I am on the verge of picking out window treatments for my main living area. It has five windows. Three are 72 wide by 49 tall, one is 72 x 60, and the other is 35 x 49. I have considered many types of treatments and am still open in my decision - meaning I have not totally married any one idea - but tend to go back over and over to the idea of some sort of romans, blinds or shutters, or - most recently - the newer roller shades. Input on any of those is appreciated - positive and negatives.

But on to the subject of my post...

Regarding shutters (or wood blinds) - I have heard that real wood is subject to warping and such. Just how real of a concern is this? The area is not a moist area and we dont let our house get hot - we keep the thermostat in low to mid 70s. I like the look of real wood and have a highly grained wood floor and lots of natural stone so am not so sure that the white / off white faux shutter look would work for me.



I am so glad you selected wood, and that you are happy with the end product. You inquired about installing shutters in the bedroom while the rest of the house uses blinds. I think the transition would be flawless. The shutters would give an additional richness to the bedroom. The stain could certainly be matched to color used for the blinds. If you have not yet ordered shutters consider a product made in American opposed to those made overseas, like Norman.

To attend to your initial question, quality wood shutters will absolutely not warp, crack, split, peel, etc. You can save money by measuring and installing shutters yourself.

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