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RE: Craftsman drawers? Yet another period kitch. Q! (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: bayareafrancy on 07.26.2010 at 10:29 pm in Kitchens Forum


I looked through Bungalow Kitchens. The original drawers there are pretty much split between being "overlay" like you remember (and I have), and being just a flat inset panel. What you pretty much never see in an original kitchen (I'm not saying never ever, just pretty much never) is a shaker drawer that has the inset square like the cabinets do.

I also looked through a few of my favorite reproduction kitchens from GW, and those kitchens all have the simple recessed panel/slab type drawer. No overlay, and no shaker.

Personally, I love my overlay drawers. There is just something cute in that slightly curved lip that I really like. And it just looks more interesting to my eye than having both inset doors and inset drawers. But I wonder if there might be an important functional difference as far as glides go. My drawers, being original, have no glides. I have one reproduction drawer (very cheaply made) that has a cheapo glide on it. Cheapo as it is, I sure do LOVE that glide! So if there is any important difference re: adding glides, type of glides, etc. with the overlay vs inset, I'd go with the glide-friendly style. If there is no functional difference, then go with the look you prefer. Both are period appropriate. (Just NO shaker drawers, if you want to be authentic.)

Here are a bunch of photos of my drawers from different angles:

Original 1929 drawers, closed:

Same drawer, open:

Note: many vintage drawers have the drawer front as part of the box. Mine have a front added on to the box.

Combo of overlay drawers and cabinets. (I love the combo):

Repro drawer and cabinet that I had made to match existing:


Fake dishwasher panel with drawer/door combo:


DW, open, to show closeup of curve of overlay drawer:


And finally, just for fun, and falling-apart original unit we found in the garage, painted in its original pink. I love the color, and almost did the whole kitchen with it!!






Dishwasher panel
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