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Can a cat recover from a stroke?

posted by: linnea56 on 08.09.2007 at 06:11 pm in Pets Forum

My poor kitty started having seizures a week ago yesterday. She is only 8 years old and there was no warning. I brought her to an emergency clinic and after several days of tests (even an MRI and a spinal tap) it has been narrowed down to (probably) a stroke caused by a parasite. The MRI showed damage on the right side of her brain.

She has been home for several days but is on heavy meds to cover (kill) all possibilities, including steroids (prednisone), an antibiotic, Baytril, and phenobarbitol to stop further seizures. She responds to us but cannot walk much; she is very unsteady and can lose her balance easily and fall over. She spends most of the day laying down. But she always tries to move where she can see me, and tracks me with her eyes constantly. She apparently cannot meow or purr. Also, she does not have bowel or bladder control. She is not leaking or anything, just urinates (etc.) 2 x a day wherever she is. That makes me think she has some control as it is not all the time. I put her in the litter box but she just steps right out again, then may go a minute later on the floor. Could she just have forgotten her litter-box training? We are keeping her in the kitchen so we can clean up more readily; also someone is in there 80% of the time so she's seldom alone except at night. She is eating pretty well, though less in the last few days, as she's really hardly moving around enough to burn many calories.

Since I have only seen her under these drugs since the seizures, I'm not sure how much is due to permanent brain damage or the temporary effect of the drugs. The phenobarbitol does seem to make her very sleepy for the first few hours after a dose. She does not appear to be in any pain and seems to enjoy being petted even though she cannot purr.

If you have had a cat that had a stroke, can you tell me if they regained function in time? The bowel and bladder function are obviously important, as well as her ability to walk around and do usual cat things. I want my little buddy to be well! I work at home and love her company. I am so depressed thinking I may still have to put her to sleep if she cannot get better.


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