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Pls review our kitchen lighting plan?

posted by: akcorcoran on 02.02.2013 at 11:48 pm in Lighting Forum

OK, so I've attached our kitchen layout and wanted to check that we were on the right track with the lighting. All the cans are red, lanterns are purple, undercounter is orange.

We've planned:

1) Two pendant (lanterns) over center of island (yes, it's a little narrow b/c of orientation but I like the look,)
2) Four 4" cans on the corners of the island (how far to the corner should these be?
3) Two 4" cans over the fridge area (on the left, small wall - it's a full-size fridge/freezer.
4) A can over by the ovens (top left by the entrance from the butler's pantry)
5) Two 3" cans over sink behind a wood valence
6) Zephyr hood lighting
7) Under counter lighting throughout

Anything I'm missing or you would change? Thanks!


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Miele owners: Diff btwn Diamond and Dimension Plus in reality?

posted by: akcorcoran on 02.03.2013 at 04:45 pm in Appliances Forum

Hi - I've done some pretty extensive researching and calling and think we're going to take the Miele plunge. We know we want the Auto Opening feature to help dry our plastics (and that the Dimension plus secretly has that feature though it's mentioned nowhere but the operating manual.)

I wanted to ask the practical differences between the Diamond and Dimension Plus to make it worth $700 more?

Ruling out LED lights (cool, but not necessary for us) - are there settings that would really help our family? The only thing I noticed was an "express" feature on the Diamond but are the rest programs that I'll never use.

We are a family of four that loads the dishwasher and typically hits Normal and Start. (have jet dry and all that jazz, just don't go crazy with the programs.)

And for China and Crystal, we have a Bosch going in our wet bar which is where all the china and crystal lives.

So, looking at the chart, I'm thinking the fully-integrated Dimension Plus unless anyone can give me a really good reason to move up the latter? I love Diamonds (they are my birthstone!) but would spend that $700 elsewhere. :-)

Attached the Miele Comparison chart!



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Anyone have experience with Pacific Sales for appliances? (In Bes

posted by: akcorcoran on 02.02.2013 at 10:19 pm in Appliances Forum

Or Best Buy is one of the ones that has been revamped and has a HUGE appliance department with virtually every brand of appliance. Shockingly, it even has the entire line of Miele appliances, right down to their rarely-seen full-size wine cooler!

It is "insourced" to Pacific Sales (sort of like they use Magnolia for high-end video and audio and "GeekSquad" for computer stuff.) Pac Sales looks like it's a company that is based out west - not much info here in MD about them.

Anyone have any experience with Pacific Sales?

I would *never* buy a Miele from our Best Buy alone - the old guys were clueless and would look at the tag in front of you when you asked a question. They fellow I worked with from Pac Sales was actually pretty knowledgeable.

I'm trying to decide if we should buy our Miele there - the only other place that carries the line, now that Ferguson has abandoned it, is a store that's 40-miles away. While it's a local store that offers nice service in sales, they don't service Miele at all - and they'll charge my $70 to deliver.

So, I guess I'm looking for any feedback or experiences with Pacific Sales - outside of Best Buy most likely since they just partnered.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Sales website


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Hmmmm... Do Silgranit sink shapes need to match? And all location

posted by: akcorcoran on 02.03.2013 at 02:37 pm in Kitchens Forum

So, I'm becoming convinced that I should go with a Silgranit sink - not just b/c of the GardenWeb fans (shout out to breezygirl!) but also b/c of our lifestyle and usage (and kids!), as well as the fact that I have a SERIOUS metal on metal cringing factor.

But here's my dilemma.

I tend to like things with a little curve. The sink valence for our cabinets has a little arch so I was looking at the Blanco Diamond. That also leaves room for our little Insta/hot Cold on the right side. Great!

BUT, the prep sink cabinet (as many of you know) is 21" - which I fought hard for over a 17" cabinet! The issue is that from Blanco Silgranit, that only fits either the severely-angled Performa - or the Rondo. I wasn't necessarily obsessed with a round prep sink (rhome410 contributed to this thinking,) BUT it's the only thing with a curve that fits in and maximizes a 21" cabinet?

Should I not care if I have curves at sink (Diamond) and angles at prep sink (Performa?) Or go with the Rondo? I know it sounds crazy but I notice little things like this every day.

Is Blanco Silgranit the only way to go (from reading GW, I think the answer to that is yes...)

In a cruelly ironic twist, the 15 x 15 model has the same arch that I would like. It's not too late for me to move down the size of my cabinet but everyone has advised to go with the biggest prep sink that I can?

Second question applies to the bar sink - which is in a butler's pantry/wet bar adjacent to the kitchen. Of course, I also fought to get that to a 21" cabinet and now the shape that I like won't fit there. :( I don't really want a round bar sink in this context (it's under a window?) I could just forego the Silgranit there and get something totally different (e.g. copper or something) but it will get a lot of wine and beer poured in it at the end of a (fun!) evening.

Third - colors - do people get all the same color if two or three sinks?



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Please show me your (corner) prep sink

posted by: newbieremodeler on 03.15.2011 at 02:02 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am looking to have an undermount corner prep sink in my new layout but am having difficulty picturing what shape sink I should have for a corner. I was originally thinking round, but found out it is more expensive to have a sink cut out of a soapstone counter if it is round not square/rectangle. I am also not sure about placement.

Thanks in advance for the advice!!


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Which Model Tapmaster Do You Have - Would You Buy it Again

posted by: library_girl on 04.12.2012 at 10:38 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm considering a tapmaster - I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the money (seems to me like it would be REALLY handy)...Which sink did you install it on, is it easy to use (barefoot or sockfoot)? Does it draw attention to itself, or does it operate discreetly? Did you just order it from the Tapmaster site?


Here is a link that might be useful: Tapmaster site


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Do you recommend a soap dispenser for each sink?

posted by: lovetodream on 01.15.2013 at 10:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our current one and only sink does not have a soap dispenser hole and I desperately want one to eliminate the necessary soap dispenser on top of the counter. That would make three holes in our future clean up sink.

Should I add a soap dispenser hole in the prep sink as well?


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How do I make sure of leg room under a curved island?

posted by: laughable on 01.30.2013 at 10:47 pm in Kitchens Forum

Because of space constraints, I don't think we can do a rectangular island. But, I really, really want to have some seating on the back side, so I'd like to put a curve on it to make it work, roughly as shown below. How do we make sure each person gets enough leg room? I know standard would be 15", but that's on the "straight". What about slices of pie? How many pie slices will fit comfortably (i.e. How may bar stools will fit?) Photobucket

Thanks for any help you can offer!


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Would you put insta hot/cold on main sink or prep sink?

posted by: akcorcoran on 02.02.2013 at 10:30 am in Kitchens Forum

My rationale for prep sink was that I don't necessarily want to see dishes when I get cold/hot water but some people have offered that two faucets clutter up the island. (Hard to believe that since the instahot/cold ones are so small?)

Your thoughts and/or experience?



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More banks of drawers than double door cabinets: wise or foolish?

posted by: akcorcoran on 01.31.2013 at 09:31 pm in Kitchens Forum

So, we are ordering our cabinets next week and in looking over the final plan, I realized that I have only one set of a double door lower cabinet.

All the others are either three or four-drawer banks. We started with assessing what we have in the kitchen and what I use, and I kept coming back to things that could go in deep drawers - tupperware, pyrex bowls and dishes, service pieces, etc.

Right now, all the stuff in our two-door lower cabinets is kind of stacked and jumbled. We're also 5' 11" and 6'1 tall. And, we have a 24" full-size pantry with pull-out shelves in it.

The double door cabinet is to the right of the stovetop (very right of the attached drawing.

Am I right to go that direction or do you think I should switch something to a door cabinet on bottom?

Thanks for your advice!

P.S. Specifically, to the right of the ovens, I changed those from a drawer and two doors to a bank of four drawers. My rationale is that things that would go there include: drawer of non-traditionally sized cutlery, cooking utensils; drawer for saran wrap, aluminum foil etc.; tupperware and other misc sized serving pieces. Does that seem like the better choice?


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Fixes a problematic layout? 18th Hour request for help?

posted by: akcorcoran on 02.01.2013 at 05:27 am in Kitchens Forum

OK, first context: I was supposed to order all my cabinets this past Wed but for one reason or another we postponed to next Wed. All appliances have been ordered (though probably a little play there.) Windows ordered though not in place. Plumbing / electric in progress - would have to scream, "STOP!" tomorrow a.m.

Why I'm begging: In this last little bit of time, as I was poring over the plan, I turned to the forum to ask whether to change some doors to drawers (answer: resounding, yes!) but a really helpful poster (breezygirl) pointed out that I have sort of nightmarish situation with my island squarely blocking access between the fridge and the stovetop.

As of right now, ALL of the workspace and storage is oriented to the sides perpendicular to the sink. There are no drawers, anything on the side opposite the sink.

HELP?! So, I'm turning here to see:

Trying to avoid scrapping entire plan, Is there ANYWAY to make the fridge to prep, island, stovetop situation better here?

If I have to assume the big items stay where they are for structural reasons (see below), I'm specifically trying to see if there is a way to re-work the island and prep sink, so that I've got easy access to the fridge for ingredients but the stovetop for cooking.

SO, if you assumed the whole island was in play (even moving the microwave drawer, is there a better suggestion for how this could work?

Ideas? Can the prep sink turn, move, be eliminated? (Truthfully, it wasn't there originally - just an island but the sink moved b/c of transition issue stated below and in went a prep sink.)

How can I make usage better given locations in room now or do you see any simple shifts that could help?

I really don't know that I could start from scratch at this point without adding months to the project and incurring lots of expenses from work already done. :-(

THANK YOU for any 18th hour expertise you might lend to my situation. I'm at your mercy and really really appreciate it!

~ A

P.S. Limitations (and why we ended where we are now):

1) Only one exterior wall (back wall where window is now.)

2) Transition from old house to new house is roughly 48" from right side wall. This is a 1917 colonial and that corner of the house is holding up the weight of the house - it has to stay. So, window or stovetop or anything has to either be in the new space (right) or old space (left) but cannot straddle that middle.

3) Similarly, 1917 colonial has no channel for vent unless directly out (not even deep enough for hood vent) - better to be in new space but then right up against cabinets on right.

4) Locked into Fridge and freezer as 32" Elux Icon All Frigerator and All Freezer - alltold, it's about 72" of wall space for those babies.

5) Electricians/plumbers have begun work but are not far enough along that it cannot be changed - no plumbing is actually in, just planning; no electric is live, just pulled. Still,I'm trying to avoid change fees.

PLEASE EXCUSE THE ROUGH PHOTO OF THE CLEAN PLAN -- I wanted to have labeled it for you.


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