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RE: Huechera - leaf cuttings (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: stressbaby on 09.25.2005 at 08:15 pm in Plant Propagation Forum

Farmgarden is right on. Heuchera can easily be propagated as long as the leaf has a bit of stem. Quick dip or rooting hormone powder, 50:50 peat:perlite, mist has resulted in nearly 100% success for me. Before I had the misting bench I had great luck by taking the bits of stem and leaf that broke off when dividing the plants, stick them in moist compost, cover with a baggie and place in the shade.


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New Plant Cultivars That You Want Them To Invent

posted by: arbo_retum on 06.24.2006 at 12:35 am in Perennials Forum

I'm always wishing "they" would invent certain plant cultivars that would be SO useful to me. Here are a few of mine. Please add yours!
best, mindy

Verbena Bonariensis w/ Cobalt Blue flowers
Acer Drummondii that doesn't revert
Rudibeckia Goldstrum w/ butter yellow flowers
Trycirtis w/ Cobalt Blue flowers
Dark PPl Leaved Hydrangeas-esp. Quercifolia


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Seed Storage / Seed Trading preferences Poll

posted by: kilngod on 06.20.2006 at 11:55 am in Seed Saving Forum

I've been seed saving for about a year, and trading for about 4 months. Since a question has come up on the Seed Exchange forum, I thought a poll would be a great thing for this topic on envelope/baggie preferences for saving & trading seeds.

Collection & Drying? -- Cheap aluminum baking pans (rectangle)
Large Storage? -- Large ziplock storage bags
Small Storage? -- Snack size ziplock bags
Trading (baggies)? -- 2"x3" ziplocks
Trading (envelopes)? -- Homemade ( & Manilla 2"x3"

This should be fun and informative for seasoned and new folks alike!

(You can copy and paste this list below, and add your responses)

Collection & Drying? --
Large Storage? --
Small Storage? --
Trading (baggies)? --
Trading (envelopes)? --


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What animals eat hostas

posted by: aka_margo on 06.22.2006 at 10:06 am in Hosta Forum

I have never had any problems with anything eating my hostas, except slugs of course! Rabbits seem to eat everything but the hostas. I just put in some new hostas and something is eating all the chartruese colored ones...very strange. Especially like my Gold Drop. Also notice a bite out of my Blue Angel. I have squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and a HUGE raccoon (luckily he only seems to visit on garbage day)in my yard, but don't think any of them would eat my hostas. I live in small suburban area with lots of old trees near a lake. And yes, about once a year we spot a deer a couple block away. That is the only thing I can think of that would eat them, but am I wrong?? The hostas they are eating are up against the house.


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