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Search help for range/oven with grill?

posted by: ahoyhere on 01.16.2013 at 01:25 pm in Appliances Forum

Hey, everybody! Long time lurker, first time poster. :)

First, massive apologies if this is a repeat. I can't find my old post and wonder if I forgot to actually submit it!


I've been searching without a lot of luck for information on *indoor* cooktops with grills. Mostly I end up on THS and web pages about outdoor gas grills. :)

Can you pretty please help me?

I am hoping to find a good option for a 36" or 40" 4 burner/grill combo. Something I didn't even know existed until last week!

I've spent HOURS trying to do research. Trying to identify all the manufacturers and models of indoor cooktops with grills and I've got Bluestar, Wolf, GE Monogram on my list, and that's it.

There are more, right? But "Indoor grill" or "grill cooktop" etc. etc. are not doing the trick on Google or THS.

I'm also looking for definitive info about ventilation. Again, Google is not being my friend!

I'd be sooo grateful if you could help me out with…

the names of manufacturers/models
any specialized terminology
and links you have handy that you'd recommend for good info

Hopefully with your help, I can search with better, more specific keywords, and actually find what I need to make a decision!

Thanks :)

PS - The picture is of our circa 1740s rowhouse, and the single-story "addition" made from an old storage shed in the 1960s! We are about to gut the badly DIY'd addition and create an open kitchen/dining room. This is the first property we've ever owned and the first renovation we've ever spearheaded. I'm terrified, hah. Hence my gratitude in advance for ANY help you can give me :)


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