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Heat treatment of actively growing Hippeastrum

posted by: SavannaMan on 03.13.2013 at 04:27 am in Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Forum

Hi All,
From what I have read, heat treatment is usually recommended when bulbs are dormant to control tarsonemid mites or red blotch,Does anyone have experience with this treatment when bulbs are fully leafed? Does it do damage to the plant?




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Komoriya on Ebay

posted by: lila888 on 01.06.2013 at 09:37 pm in Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Forum

I was browsing on Ebay today and found Yume Mitai on auction.

Komoriya Nursery


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When to transplant??

posted by: louie_st_louie on 09.16.2006 at 12:37 am in Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Forum

I live in St. Louis MO. and need to know when and the best way to transplant. Over the last many years I have recieved plants from family and bought some plants from the nursery. The last 2 years I did not get any flowers and after much investigation it seems I was doing it all wrong.
So I planted all of the bulbs(approx 25)in a large flat last Janurary and took outside after the last frost and have been growing great foilage all year. Now I would like to prepare for next year's flowers.
The Foilage is very green and hardy.
I am planning on bringing inside and stop watering and letting the foilage die off.
Should I repot before I let the foilage die back or should I wait until the foilage dies back before I re pot.



Stagonospora curtisii
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Hippeastrum Voodoo ?

posted by: agapanthe64 on 11.15.2012 at 04:50 am in Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Forum

Hi all ,
I live in South West of France , and this Hippeastrum grows in many old granny's gardens , it is very hardy and can support - 15 degrees C during winter, I try to find it's name since many years but I am not sure. Could you hep me ? Could it be Hippeastrum Voodoo ?
Thanks a lot


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