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RE: NXR ?s and a first review (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: JWVideo on 03.01.2013 at 05:41 pm in Appliances Forum

Lots of questions.


For the film adhesive residue, I believe I used WD40. (Contrary to popular belief, WD40 is a solvent, not a lubricant.) That was followed by Windex (or maybe Pinesol; it was month's ago and I forgot.) That was all before I ran the oven burn-off,

As you've already run the oven-burn cycle, the stuff on the oven door or sides might be a bit baked on. After I ran my burn-off, I found that I had missed some of it. Wound up using used a little BKF on the steel parts of the oven door for the stuff I missed before the burn-off. Used a razor-blade (like a paint scraper) for the baked-on stuff that stuck to the oven. glass.


Posts here have recommended both washing and blowing/vacuuming the oven before running a burn cycle. No problem doing it after the oven, though, as you discovered, the burn-off will stink a bit.

Get an air-compressor (or canned air), remove the racks and the bootom plate (the one over the baking burner) and blow out the interior. Then vacuum with a shop vac. Like any stove, there will be factory dust and other dust that collected during shipment and warehousing.


You are right that the manual isn't any help with this issue. Basically, the problem is that the hinges are mounted to the door and go into slots in the front of the oven instead of the more familiar hinges-on-the-oven-and-slot-on-the-door-arrangement.

There is a slot on the bottom of each hinge and those has to drop "just-so" over the slots. Some Electrolux stoves use a similar hinge arrangement and the manual has a pretty good illustration of how to remout this kind of oven door.. pdf

If that doesn't work for you, call the customer assistance number in the back of the NXR manual. That's what I wound up doing when I got my stove.


Which rack? Oven? Stovetop? No trouble using them in the oven, which you can run as low as 140F. Never thought about using them on the stovetop, though. You can certainly dial the burner heat waayyyyy down, so as long as you have liquid in the pan, it should be okay. So, meatballs or sausages in sauce, okay. Steam table pans strike me as being too thin to put on the stove top for things without liquid, though. What I've done is plonk down my rectangular griddle and put the steam table pans on that.

Not quite sure what is going on here. Shoving metal pans across cast iron grates is inherently likely to produce some noise. Might be you are getting a lot of noise because everything is still so new. Give the grates a little time and use, and they may develop a smoother patina that doesn't sound like train brakes when you slide a pan. Or, you could try seasoning them with heat and oil.

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RE: NXR ?s and a first review (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: jellytoast on 02.28.2013 at 11:13 pm in Appliances Forum

The burn-off might not have reeked as much had you washed the oven with soap and water before starting the burn-off process. The burn-off on my newly installed range (not NXR) produced hardly any odor, but I washed it first. Were there not instructions included regarding cleaning it first?

The "wierd metal bracket" is most likely the anti-tip device ... does it fit around one of the rear legs? My range came with a weird looking device which turned out to be a tool to adjust the rear legs. The anti-tip device was zip-tied to the rear of the range. I wouldn't have noticed it there had I not been looking for it.


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NXR ?s and a first review

posted by: bmorepanic on 02.28.2013 at 10:20 pm in Appliances Forum


1. How did you get the glue off the stainless from the protector plastic? I've tried some mild cleaners with no joy.

2. Is there some trick to the oven door? I've reseated it about 5 times and it just doesn't look exactly level, flush to the front and centered in the frame. On the other hand, the oven doesn't seem to be leaking heat through the door.

3. Has anyone tried using steam table pans on the rack?

4. How to get the grates to stop squeaking when I move pans? It's like train brakes or something.

5. Did you clean the oven before using? (other than running the recommended burn off) How?

6. Is the weird metal bracket some type of anti-tipping device?

Review Part

It's big. Right now, its an elephant, a culinary stud, or the Hercules of 30" ranges.

It's hard for me to understand that its about the same overall physical size as the previous slide-ins. The oven has a lot more usable space. Cookie sheets that wouldn't fit in the slide-ins (got as part of a set), fit with ease.

The cooking surface is also bigger. I didn't have a prayer of fitting a 12.5 debuyers and even my most miniscule pot front to back on two burners but now, I can fit a 7"-8" diameter pot. With a 12" skillet, I can fit a 9.5" pan max.

I got bubbles across the entire pan bottom from a boiling water test. It's been years since I've seen that. I could also tune the burner to any level of heat down to just a simmer.

I saw the issue about small pans. It's not that you can't use them, it's that you can't turn up the heat and use them. Small to me being one to one and a half quart pans or diameters less than about 4 inches. That will be something to think about when I'm next buying replacements - maybe broader/shallower would work better. It's not nearly as bad as trying to fit pans to power burners on the slide-ins but it can be an issue.

The 15k burners are usable turned up all the way on less than 10" diameter pans. On the slide-ins, I needed a 12-13" pan to operate the power burner.

The height of the grates is really good. I figured out installing the burner heads correctly the second time :)

I could see the issue about the top getting hot when using the oven. During burn off, they have you run the oven at 450 (its got a setting for 500 F - what do you cook at 500F?) for 1/2 hour and then run the broiler for about 20 minutes.

By the time that was done, the top in front of the front burners and the center plate was very warm - possibly enough to cook on it warm - way past melting butter warm. The control knobs didn't get all that hot so I'm not sure how that will work out long term.

I don't cook anything at those temps often (pizza primarily) and certainly not for that length of time. The metal was quite comfortable with the oven at 450 until the broiler kicked in. So I'm not sure how much this matters in everyday life.

Burn off reeks! "You might turn on the vent if you have one" must be chinese humor.

I need a clock outlet. The back is solid where the slide ins were hollow. Just a little, tiny, bit more depth and I'm there! I love my plumber. We had no warning about the delivery date but he came right over and hooked it up. His up charge for immediate service? He asked for a couple of books - classics if we had them (I coughed up my copies of Watership Down and the African Queen).

It fits into a 30 1/8" gap. At 30 1/4", my opening is a little too wide. I might go the extra few dollars someday and get a new wood top from ikea. That would also fix the little GORE PROBLEM on the end that was under the slide in. But its not urgent. It's just ocd-ness.

The legs are really nice. They got to 37.5" easily. We completely overshot the height on our first go round. Sliders are the bomb! I could push the 300 pound beast anywhere I wanted by myself.

I can see why the complaints about build quality too. Some sharp edges, little bits not well finished and the cooktop would be spiffier with a single piece top. It looks fine to me, but I can see how some people would rather spend the money for a better finish. I found different types of stainless on different pieces with my simple test magnet. None of it affects how it works.

Being as we are never going to have that budget, I'm pretty content. It should stop looking huge in a couple of days. I can't wait to run the oven.


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