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RE: biggest regret (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: clinresga on 10.25.2012 at 02:23 pm in Kitchens Forum

For us, 5 years post huge renovation, it's the quality of the paint on our cabs. We chose to go with a local custom cabinet builder, rather than full custom factory cabs. He was delightful, and did wonderful work. The actual cabs are rock solid and truly fitted to our space, superior to what even the best custom factory could have done.

The downside--paint, specifically, paint durability. He used spray lacquer, air dried, which looked great. But when compared to the typical "14 layer, oven cured, clear coated" kinds of finishes you get from a factory, it's no contest. We already have extensive chipping, mainly on high wear areas like the corners of base cabs and top edges of cabinet doors. We will have to do some kind of repainting in the near future. I would have thought we'd get more than 5 years out of it.

It's possible that if we'd gone with factory cabs, we might be griping now about gaps and poor fitment, but I can't speak to that.


Custom Cabinets vs factory finished cabinets - 5 years after remodel - chips - needs to be repainted!
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