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RE: Does this sound right re: MUA? (Follow-Up #27)

posted by: cooksnsews on 03.05.2012 at 10:17 pm in Appliances Forum

Yes, do check your codes. I had to have heated MUA for 600 cfms. And I had to have 600 cfms because that is what the manufacturer recommended for my 36" 6 burner range (yes, the inspector asked to see the installation specs for the range). Had I popped for a grill, I'd have needed 1200cfms, the installation of which would have likely cost as much as the rest of my kitchen reno.

Just because you never used real ventilation before doesn't mean you won't use it with your new Bluestar. Believe me, once you start operating it anywhere near its capability, you will be very happy to have a matching vent system.

Yet, many folks who post here have 1200 cfm vents with no MUA, and even recommend installing more capacity than one really needs so you can run it at lower, quieter speeds. I was told several times that my requirements were total overkill, and I should just "crack a window". Besides the fact that my windows are frozen shut for 3-5 months per year, cracking a window will not provide MUA for 600, 900, or 1200 cfms. For the latter, you would need a wide open door to feed passive air into such a massive system.

BTW, my MUA is fed into my cold air return, but it is powered, not passive, and is switched on when the vent is. The heater is installed upstream of the main duct system. With another MUA system feeding my forced air furnace, my basement utility room is a mass of overhead ducts, as well as the original plumbing, electrical, and gas lines.


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