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RE: new AC system + tankless water heater (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: neohioheatpump on 09.27.2011 at 10:07 pm in Heating & Air Conditioning Forum

You might be able to get a better quote on the furnace and A/C. I understand that you can only get an 80% furnace, but in that case you should consider getting the highest efficiency single stage A/C for that kind of money.

I wouldn't invest in a tankless water heater at that price. Why not just a regular gas water heater or one that condenses and vents thru the side of the house with a pvc pipe?

By the way, how much is your electricity? You may want to consider getting a heatpump which typically doesn't cost more than the same model A/C. The time to do something like this is when replacing the A/C.


Thanks, electricity is around $800/month during winter.

how does heatpump work? they told me that my old condenser has both heat and cold, what does that mean to me?

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