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RE: Do you recognize this pull? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: pipdog on 03.08.2013 at 06:25 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here it is - it's a Belwith pull


Here is a link that might be useful: Belwith pull


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people with open shelves or no uppers

posted by: michoumonster on 01.25.2013 at 02:19 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi all, I know many of you have stunning kitchens with no uppers or have open shelves. I was wondering, what did you do for backsplash? Did you choose to tile all the way up to the ceiling, take the granite all the way up to ceiling, or just leave the wall painted, or do you just tile under the shelves? Any pics would be greatly appreciated.
I decided to do open shelves on one wall, but now cannot figure out what to do about backsplash. thank you for your insight!!


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Can't figure out Bosch cutom panel dishwasher template

posted by: Pendleton123 on 10.10.2012 at 11:38 am in Appliances Forum

Bosch is making me feel dumb. The template that came with my panel ready SHV68R53UC dishwasher doesn't make any sense to me. I'm hopeful someone else had the same problem.
You're supposed to slide the template up so it hits the underside of the countertop. Then you mark the edges of the template at the same height as the surrounding cabinet doors/drawers. But then when you tape the template to the door with the marks aligned with the top as the instructions state, the locations for the pilot holes are off. If you secured the panel to the DW like that, the panel would end up too low. The top holes end up very close to the edge of the panel and it makes no sense to me. I had another person look at it and they thought it looked like I was doing as they instructed and agreed it made no sense. (This picture is not from my exact template, but the instructions look the same.) What am I missing?


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Pic of Profile Advantium w/ Monogram Door!

posted by: debbienp7 on 11.10.2012 at 08:19 am in Kitchens Forum

For our kitchen remodel I liked the aesthetics of the Monogram Advantium 240 model better than the Profile. However, I found a Profile Advantium 240 at a local Sears Outlet for $1200 and I couldn't pass up the price. The more I looked at the Profile, the more I hated what I called "the eyeball", referring to how the stainless steel curves eyeball-like. So I ordered a Monogram Door for $65 (which was returnable in case it didn't fit) and had my husband replace the door. It worked! The doors swapped out easily and perfectly. No more eyeball! The only bad part is that the Monogram door has a "Monogram" label on it and the control panel of the Profile says Profile on it. This bothers me far less than the eyeball did though.


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RE: Fridge and Floor (Follow-Up #60)

posted by: eastfallsglass on 08.27.2011 at 12:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

@ alwaysfixin:
The fridge is a bit noisier than a typical higher-end residential model, but not to the point where the sound takes away from our enjoyment of the space. Its the sort of thing that you get used to very quickly.

We turned behind the fridge into a utility closet, and opened the back panel of the fridge for air flow. At some point I may investigate adding a bit of sound insulation in the front, or remoting the compressors into the space behind the fridge... Or... More likely I will just enjoy the way it is.

It is a dual compressor unit, when the fridge arrived the fridge side was not cooling. We brought in a commercial refrigeration repairman to take a look. The verdict was that it needed a new compressor. We elected to replace both the fridge and freezer compressors at the same time, given that the rest of the fridge is in excellent shape. The cost for the replacement of the compressors was around $1400, way less than a comparable fridge of this size and construction and we have a year's warranty.

The marmoleum install was not too bad - you might want to find the install instructions from Forbo's website to get their guidelines on subfloor. Our old floor was sheet vinyl and installed over luan. We elected to replace the subfloor with more substantial 3/8" plywood. I bought a pneumatic staple gun to help with the task of stapling. I believe it is possible to install marmoleum directly over an existing vinyl floor, however you should consult their instructions. Take your time on the subfloor since gaps and elevation changes will telegraph through.

The worst part of the install is dealing with the adhesive. It is like some horrible mutant child of rubber cement, super glue and thinset. It gets on everything, does not easily come off, and its incredibly easy to glue your knees (or the hair on your knees) to the floor as you are installing. Also you should not wear your favorite clothes or shoes for this task. You will need to rent a 100 lbs roller for the install.

Cutting the tiles to size was a lot of work - I built a jig based around a rented guillotine-style vinyl tile cutter and it took around 10 hours. Forbo does not recommend or support cutting the tiles in this fashion. In fact there is a tech bulletin which basically says: "You should not cut your own tiles, however if you do, these are some hints to make it work. However we are not responsible for the end result."

The two colors are
White Marble - 2607
Black - 2939

I don't have the exact total, but I believe the cost for the marmoleum sheet and adhesive was in the $700 ballpark for roughly 130 SF.

@ beaniecakes:
Thanks for the lighting recommendation - those pendants are really nice (and priced very reasonably). We're probably going to keep our eyes open for something vintage or I might buy the hardware and make my own glass shades. I'll keep the link to schoolhouse on file in case we get impatient with the treasure hunt.


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Kitchen Remodeling begins 1/3/2013

posted by: Whit461 on 01.04.2013 at 08:00 am in Kitchens Forum

We're new to contributing in GW, so please help us along the way. Last night I cut out two holes in the plaster ceiling to verify our suspicions that the two walls we want to take down to remodel our kitchen are in fact non load-bearing.

We have done enough other work around the house to know that there are and will be many surprises to found along the way. Wish us luck. Though we have started and are committed, we are another week or more from determining our overall budget and timeline.


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