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does anyone actually own a Futuro Futuro hood? prove it!!

posted by: carriage on 04.13.2010 at 07:47 am in Appliances Forum

seriously, does anyone actually own one? in my tireless quest to find the right hood, i read numerous posts about people WANTING to get one (bc they look good and have relatively high CFMs, are Italian made, and purport to be quiet), but i actually don't know that i read any real posts by anyone who actually HAS one! (well, maybe one... there was someone with a lovely new kitchen with a futuro futuro island hood.) there were a couple posts that sounded, shall i say, a bit suspect. and one that others here claimed was a real fake... so i want to see proof! (and a real review, if possible, of course!) show us what you've got!!

(I decided against a futuro futuro, btw, b/c of this very reason... and also b/c it seems like 940 CFM is a joke given the mere six inch ducts...) but some of those new modern ones are seriously gorgeous!! dying to know the real deal.


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Finished Traditional Kitchen (lots of pics)

posted by: jm_seattle on 03.05.2011 at 01:54 pm in Kitchens Forum

THANK YOU GARDENWEB! We got so many great ideas from this forum, and everybody was so incredibly helpful and generous.

Here are some pics and a few details:
Kitchen corner
Refrigerator and pantry:
Message center:
Message center with built-in chalkboard
Breakfast nook:
Breakfast nook
Our KD wanted an extremely large window area to bring in light, but made it fit into the old house by breaking it up and using leaded glass:
new leaded glass windows
Sink w/glass filler, runnels, & built-in compost bin:
Sink w/Runnels & built-in compost bin
Built-in compost bin close-up:
Built-in compost bin
Mug shelf:
Mug Shelf
Charging drawer. This entire cabinet is deeper than it appears because it is built into the interior wall behind it, gaining an extra 4" or so of storage space without creeping into the walkway in front of it:
Charging station built into drawer
Island cabinets:
Island cabinets wtih cutting board
Miele ovens installed as flush inset (I searched and never did find pictures of this, so hopefully these will help somebody else):
Miele appliances mounted flush inset
Cleaning closet in "invented space" from interior wall:
Cleaning closet
Extra depth for the vacuum was made by reducing the depth of the drawers under the pantry:
Cleaning closet
The placement of the outlet underneath the music player shelf allows the nasty cordness to be hidden from eye-level:
Music Shelf
Toe-kick heater vent. The toe-kick face under the message center & island is covered with stained oak flooring. From eye-level, the toe-kick absorbs the correct amount of light and gives the appearance of freestanding cabinets.
Under island heater vent
The freestanding appearance is clearer here:
Cabinet built-into wall
Drawers under nook seating area:
Under-seat drawers in nook
There is a powder room off the kitchen. This wasn't our first choice, but ended up being our only choice in this old house, and has been okay, especially considering its placement is directly next to the hallway and away from the primary cooking area:
Bathroom off of kitchen
Adjacent mudroom, which became part of the kitchen remodel. The door is to a laundry chute which we use mostly for kitchen towels & napkins.

Here is a link that might be useful: More pictures


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RE: What is your favorite kitchen "must-have"? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: wekick on 04.07.2013 at 01:49 pm in Appliances Forum

When we remodeled our kitchen,we were entering the stage of our lives where our children/nieces and nephews getting married and having children with attending parties, rehearsal dinner and showers. I like to cook and have those occasions at home. We wanted our kitchen to be able to handle that and have been very happy with all our choices.
I was very lucky in that a neighbor who is a carpenter built all of our cabinets for us. One of the things I like best is that we used all drawers on the lowers with glides that pull all the way out, The only lower cabinets are across from my range in the island for stock pots and taller things. They are also shallow. He was also willing to work with me on some of my " ideas" instead of what everybody else does. I wish I would have used the very lowest part of the cabinet, the toe kick as an additional shallow drawer. There is hardware for this. It would be so handy for trays and other big flat things.

Some things I found helpful when planning my kitchen-

Kitchen Design with Cooking in Mind

One idea from this book was that I made one countertop against a wall deeper to allow for frequently used appliances to be left out and still have 24 inches of depth as a work area. You can get this book on Amazon very inexpensively.

Also you may want to read this or this on chowhound.

As others have said the kitchen forum is all about design. I think there are some threads about what you wouldn't do if you had it to do over as well as what you would do.

A great oven(s) was also a priority for me. I have always loved to bake but have really expanded my repertoire.

The design of a sink(s) is very import to me as well. I have one that is deep(10 inch) which is too deep for me to do dishes in as it hurts my back. Its good points though--- we use it as a cooler for soda and beer and it hides pots and pans. My other sink that I use for dishes is a little more shallow. Consider ergonomics in all your choices.

Another thing that really helped me was to understand cookware.

Common Materials of Cookware

Understanding Cookware

I would certainly look at an induction range and consider a steam oven. I don't have either but some those that have them seem to like them.

Whether you talk about appliances, faucets, cabinets etc, there are many features touted but you have to choose based on your needs rather than what is the latest thing. Case in point for me-- deep sinks. Some people love them though.


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Help with kitchen cabinet and appliance layout

posted by: VaraR on 01.18.2014 at 12:02 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hello folks,

I've been reading these amazing forums for a few years; just signed up today. Thanks everyone, for your generous, thoughtful responses here ... I hope to do the same once I finish my project.

We are in the middle of a new home build on a sloping lot with amazing views to the North and East. Framing has started. In the floorplans I post, note that all the large spans of windows and doors are towards these views, and exterior walls are committed (foundation in place), while limited adjustments are possible in interior layout.

I am a good cook, preparing roughly 80% of my meals from my repertoire, and 20% from new recipes. (The ratio changes when I'm not distracted by large projects as I am now.)

The family is vegetarian. I don't use an oven for cooking meals; it's used only for baking sweets with my kids or for warming samosas, etc. during large parties.

On weekdays, I cook a simple hot breakfast for the family and pack hot lunches for my two kids (11 and 8), either by reheating leftovers or previously frozen meals. I cook 4-5 dinners per week, eating out or getting takeout the other nights. My husband cooks breakfasts on the weekend, or we head out sometimes. Our meals are mostly Indian, and I cook some Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese and Chinese meals. (All fairly spicy and smelly, er, fragrant.) I like to cook when I am alone at home, so that I just reheat food, do quick prep, assembly and serve at mealtime.

So, I'm planning for a 30" cooktop in the open kitchen (breakfast, dinner time warm ups, making dosas - think crepes, making chai when friends drop in). My main 36" range will be in the closed Kitchen 2 (using my pressure cooker, blender, cooking full, messy meals when I'm alone). Kitchen 2 will also serve as a butler's pantry during parties.

We do not use a microwave to heat food, but want one in the kitchen for sterilizing items, and for visitors who want to use it. (Happens often.)

Please see my floorplan and offer critiques. Note that to keep views wide open, there are upper cabinets only along the West edge (along the bottom in the plan) of the main kitchen, and in Kitchen 2.

Happy to post more pics - I have interior elevations, etc. done as a first cut by the architect, but I need to finalize layout and appliance choices pretty soon here.

Thanks in advance!


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