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Kitchen Lighting Layout

posted by: Timobkg on 01.16.2015 at 07:10 pm in Kitchens Forum

We're meeting with the electrician on Tuesday (1/20) to go over where to put lights, switches, etc. This is our first kitchen reno, and we would love some feedback before the meeting.

Our KD came up with the following lighting layout:

We're going to have recessed lights in the kitchen, some light fixture over the kitchen table, and under-cabinet lighting.

We're planning on using LED lights on dimmer switches and LED light strips for under-cabinet lighting, but we don't have anything specific picked out, so I'd love some recommendations as far as what we should get or request.

We're also going to use something like a plugmold under the cabinets for outlets, to get them off the backsplash.

We would greatly appreciate any advice or feedback as far as our light fixture placement, light switch placement, or what we should request / specify as far as light fixtures, under-cabinet lighting, under-cabinet outlet strips. Thanks!


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Condensate Pump on new install very noisy, running constantly

posted by: Timobkg on 01.08.2015 at 11:18 am in Heating & Air Conditioning Forum

This is our second winter with our new furnace - Carrier Infinity 59TN6. Attached to the furnace is a Honeywell HE100A1000 humidifier and a Beckett CB151UL condensate pump. The condensate pump is on the floor next to the furnace, but not attached to the furnace with screws. The HVAC equipment is in a utility closet on the 1st floor.

I noticed over the past couple weeks that the condensate pump is running constantly, for about 5-10 seconds every few minutes, and the motor noise is so loud that it can be heard throughout the 1st floor and in the bedroom above the closet. The noise is driving me crazy. Usually it's just a regular, really loud, motor noise, but once a day or so it's extra loud like grinding coffee beans.

It seems the constant running is due to the humidifier. Turning off the humidifier stops the constant running of the condensate pump, but it's very dry inside - 28% humidity currently.

Is there a problem with my install, or my equipment?

Is there something wrong with the condensate pump, that the motor is so loud it can be heard throughout the house, or that it's running every few minutes? Is it undersized for the load?

Is there something wrong with my humidifier that it's dumping so much water into the condensate pump that it's running constantly?

Is there anything I can do to remedy the problem?

Is there a better way of maintaining 40% humidity during the winter? It seems even with running constantly our humidifier isn't up to the task.

I'm hesitant to call our HVAC company again as it cost me $90 just to find out that the noise is coming from the condensate pump, and is considered normal and "quiet".

I would greatly appreciate any help and advice you can give me.

We just bought a new house, and need to replace the furnace there due to a cracked heat exchanger (that the home inspection didn't find - awesome...), so even if there's nothing I can do to fix our current house, I want to avoid making the same mistake in the new house.

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RE: Love or regret dish drawers? (Follow-Up #37)

posted by: lisa_a on 07.24.2014 at 02:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

Great list and tips, annkh, thanks!

Our cereal is moving from a pull-out next to the door to the walk-in pantry so that it will be closer to dish storage and milk. Bread is staying in a drawer below the toaster. The bottom drawer in that stack is for our outdoor dishes. Top drawer is BBQ tools and napkins. Upper cab will house the outdoor glassware, ice bucket, etc.

Drawers below cook top are for pots and pans. I will be in heaven with this much storage for pots and pans, more than twice what I have now. Right now, they are squeezed onto 2 shallow shelves under my 30" cook top; the downdraft eats up so much space. Not sure how I'll use the cabs above the hood. Half tempted to not bother with cabs, just put false fronts on the boxes, since they'll be so hard to access.

The drawer stack to the right of the cook top is for prep items: measuring spoons, cups, mixing bowls, etc. The upper will contain oils, vinegars, and coffee mugs.

The BCC will house the salad spinner and other bulky items. And possibly casserole dishes. Not sure about that yet.

The sink is next to the corner, then the DW, then a 4.5" filler cab (coffee stuff since the espresso machine will be on the counter above it), then the fridge. The upper cab above the DW will contain our glassware. The deep cab above the fridge will hold the electric roaster, roasting pans and the canning pot my hubby uses to make beer.

The walk-in pantry is on the oven wall in the corner, facing the side of the fridge. I really like having all my food items close together.

Next to the pantry is the oven cab with stacked oven and speed oven. Above that is vertical storage for cookie sheets, muffin pans, cutting boards, etc (but maybe the latter should go in the island, closer to prep). The Tupperware stays in the drawer below the oven.

To the right of the oven stack is a 10.5" pantry pull-out for tall items: booze, vases, pitchers, canning jars. Between the pull-out and the door (going from 29" wide to 48") is a 17" deep, 27" wide base with an upper at the same depth). The toaster oven sits on the counter. The top drawer will hold aluminum foil, baggies, etc, same as now. I'll have doors and shelves, not drawers, below that for small appliance storage. Ditto for above the toaster oven. It's only 17" deep because the cab will be wider than the recessed area but it's not a biggie because I don't need it to be deeper than 17".

The long side of the island faces the sink/DW and fridge. It will hold silverware, knives, dishes, casserole dishes, pot holders, dish towels & rags. Oh, and the recycling pull-out. The other 3 trash/recycling bins will go under the sink. I need 5 receptacles: trash, returnables, glass recycling, mixed recycling and kitchen waste (I have a worm bin) so I'm using the under sink space, too. I've got to use every inch.

The back side of the island will have 12" cabs; open storage for books and closed storage for whatever doesn't fit elsewhere.

I have a walk-in pantry (love it) under my stairs, which holds a lot of stuff. I keep my spices in it. I am a mise en place cook so it's not a big deal that the spices aren't next to my cook top.

I have a good handle on where most things will go but the placement and size of the dish drawer is giving me fits. Good thing I cancelled my meeting with my KD today because I obviously need more time to think things through before reviewing the draft plan with her.

I wish, wish, wish that I had 24 more inches on my sink/DW, fridge wall but that would mean building an extension on the house and that's just not in the budget.

Thank you to everyone for helping me make these final decisions! GW is great!

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Kitchen storage thoughts
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RE: Love or regret dish drawers? (Follow-Up #34)

posted by: annkh on 07.24.2014 at 02:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

Lisa, deciding what would go where in my new kitchen, and finding the most convenient and logical places for things, was my favorite part of the design process! In fact, it is what drove most of my decisions. It helps that we'd lived in this house for 24 years, and didn't really change the footprint. We knew how we lived in the kitchen, what worked, and what didn't.

For example, we eat cereal for breakfast every morning. I put cereal bowls and cereal in the same cabinet, with the fridge on one side and the silverware drawer on the other, so breakfast is one-stop. We don't usually use both bowls and plates for meals, so it doesn't matter that the plates and bowls are in different cabinets.

Here's a short list of things that needed specific homes:
- silverware, cooking utensils, miscellaneous utensils and gadgets
- bags and wraps
- dish towels
- potholders
- plastic storage containers (these are in a drawer now - heaven!)
- pots and pans
- plates, bowls, cups, glasses
- baking dishes
- cookie sheets/pizza stones/cutting boards
- knives (I wanted a drawer instead of blocks on the counter)
- small appliances
- sugar/flour/oatmeal/etc (also in a drawer now - more heaven!
- we don't have a pantry, so needed space for canned goods, bread, crackers, cereal, etc.
- spices
- big things - stock pot, roasting pans, broiler pans
- storage for beer and pop (we stock up during sales)
- my purse and the tote bag I carry to work every day (which used to live on a kitchen chair)
- trash/recycling pullout

Some things are obvious - pots and pans, cooking utensils, and potholders near the stove, dish towels near the sink, dishes near the DW. Less used things are trickier. I love the pullouts over my fridge, for storing lightweight, bulky things, like cereal boxes and paper towels.

Remember to order extra shelves for all your upper cabinets, so you can store more items without stacking. I love having a shelf not much taller than a soup can, or a Corning casserole.


Kitchen storage idea
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