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Cambia countertop inside corner radius

posted by: Takkone on 07.13.2012 at 10:25 am in Kitchens Forum

I want tight inside corners without a seam. My fabricator is insisting on not going any smaller that 1.5" radius on inside corners of two L shaped Cambria (quartz) countertops. They have sited everything from weakening the slab, to voiding the warranty, to not having the required tools, as the reason. Placed a call to Cambria and they said while they advise against a square inside corner, a small radius say 1/2" would be fine. I know Ceasarstone (similar product) recommends no less than 3/8". I'd probably be happy at 1" radius but 1.5" is just too round for the look we want.

On top of this I have a small radius sink with 3/8" radius corners. So if they can cut that, why can't they cut just as small on the slab inside corners?

BTW, they are L shaped but the short inside length of one L is very short, only 12". the other is a bit longer but it is also where the sink cutout would be so there isn't much more weight on that side of the corner either.

I'm perplexed. Anyone with knowledge or experience tell me if I'm fighting a losing battle?


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